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I've never been, watched plenty of their shows on YouTube though...crazy!

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Congratulations! I have never seen them live but they are one of my favorite bands. Maybe one of these years they will be close enough.

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You will love it!!! It is an awesome audio/visual experience and all of those guys are excellent musicians. I've seen them 4 times and have never been disappointed except for the fact that the show ended. One of the best live shows still out there along with Pearl Jam. I am disappointed that I got shut out of tickets for their Chicago show and I have to resort to the blood sucking scalpers...
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Saw them last year in Denver. It was an amazing show. 46 and 2 brought the house down.

U gonna love it.

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I had the opportunity to see A Perfect Circle many years ago but never Tool. I must admit I'm a bit envious.


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I have seen Tool and Puscifer. Both were awesome, enjoy!

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Originally posted by ugeesta:
46 and 2 brought the house down.

I usually do.


(They're great live, I think I've seen them seven times now, APC four times, and Puscifer twice. Enjoy...)
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I'm in, let's go. 46 and 2 played in my Pandora feed when I was mowing grass Tuesday...nearly mowed the house down.


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They are coming here in July. I was going to go with a couple of friends, but told my wife I'm not paying over $100/ticket. So we aren't going. I'm not too impressed with the venue, I really wish it would have been an outdoor show. But it sold out the first day.

Friends that did get tickets paid $180/each and up. We are going on vacation around that time, so it's $$$ saved for that.

I have seen Puscifer and APC. Saw Puscifer last November for their Money Shot album. Very good show. I actually won tickets for that show.

Enjoy, and keep us posted.

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Hope they will come to St Louis.

This year so far, I Have Metallica tickets, and GnR tickets (25th row!!!)

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