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What brand and type of camera's are you guys using?

I am using Nikon DSLR's, a D5600, and a D500, both are crop sensor camera's. I started digital photography with a D3200, acquired a few lens's to go with the 18-55mm kit lens that came with it, an 18-105mm, 40mm macro, and a 70-300mm zoom. all are DX lenses accept for the 70-300. sold the D3200 and upgraded to the D5600 mainly for the articulated lcd screen, and bought a 18-300mm zoom. Started shooting more often in manual mode, and was frustrated with the viewfinder being nearly impossible to see the meter in it in bright daylight. Kept the D5600, because of it's size, and upgraded to a D500 for it's much brighter pentaprism viewfinder, faster focusing with more focus points, and the fact that so many controls are on the outside of the camera body, thus eliminating a lot of menu diving to change settings.

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I'm using a Nikon D7500 with my older D7100 as backup. The 18-300mm lens is a good all around, "Walk around lens". I find myself using my 16-80mm zoom more and more. It's a good deal faster, has a hard stop for infinite focus which comes in handy when chasing the Northern Lights and the images with it are really crisp. The speed helps in being able to use it indoors without a flash.

Another lens I use a lot is my 200-500mm zoom. It's beastly but can still be shot off-hand but a monopod helps a lot. It's a lens that I thought would only use once in a while, it's probably my second most used lens. Wildlife in Alaska doesn't always cooperate and get close, and some of it you don't want to be close to. It's a FX lens, works on DX cameras but the crop factor does up the relative magnification.

My 10-20mm zoom really is a novelty lens. I joke it's the one lens that I use that is wide enough for Alaska. It's fun to play with on landscape shots but that's really been the only use I've found for it. It was cheap enough that I don't mind and I've had quite a bit of fun with it.

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I also really miss my 18-140mm lens that I gifted to my daughter when I bought my 18-300. I don't know what it was, but that lens just felt right. I'm almost tempted to trade her for my 18-300, but the extra range really is nice when I can only take one lens.

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Mine is an older Nikon D70 IIRC.
Inherited it form my mother-in-law along with a couple lenses when she upgraded.
I think I have a 18-55 & a 70-200 VR II

Haven't had it out in a while, but was using it to document my Lotus teardown, since my cell camera is busted.

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I currently own 2 Nikon D7100 DSLRs, one of which is my primary camera with an 18-200VR2 zoom lens. The other is my backup and sometimes has the 200-500VR lens on it for animal photography.

Previous cameras have been:
D7000, also with an earlier 18-200VR zoom
D50, with the same 18-200VR lens as above
Kodak DX7630 PaS (first digital)
Nikon FE, with Tamron 28-200 zoom
Nikon N70, with Vivitar 28mm f/1.8
Nikkormat FT, with the Tamron lens
Nikkormat, lens not remembered
Petri 7s rangefinder, fixed lens (first 35mm)
Kodak Baby Brownie Special using 127 film

Many of the photos taken with the film cameras have been scanned into digital form and are resident on my Flickr account (46,000 photos at present).


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Nikon, a D-90, which is now way out of date. But it still takes a good picture, and I use Fuji mirrorless, too, making me less sensitive the oldness of the Nikon.

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I use a Nikon D800e. I've been shooting on and off since I was 8 or so. Started with a Brownie camera and used mostly cheap cameras until I could afford a Yashica in the 70s. Went from the to a Minolta X-700. From there to a Nikon D700 and then the D800e. Pretty much always have shot full frame. Mostly landscape until recently. Bought the Nikon 200-500mm on New Years Eve so that I could shoot wildlife locally. Still working on technique with that. I did buy and use a Sony A6000 mirror less with the idea of it being easier to do hikes/landscapes but I never was happy with it so I sold it.
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Panasonic ZS-100 compact travel zoom when I want small, Nikon D7500 w/16-80 for everything else.

Sold a 18-300 shortly after purchase, didn't think it was sharp enough.

Note that Nikon and Canon may be slowly phasing out of the non-pro DSLR cameras and lenses, including the Nikon 16-80.
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I have a Nikon D7200 with a 18-200VR2 lens attached. I have enjoyed it for the past 6-7 years as we travel the US and Mexico but find it awfully heavy as a walkaround camera. I tend to get lazy and just carry my iPhone 13 Pro and I'm starting to carry a GoPro 10 for more video. I had a guy wanting to buy my Nikon setup and came within a whisker of selling but passed in the end.

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I still have a Nikon D200 that I traded for a long time ago. It works, but is pretty outdated now. I'm looking at retiring in a couple years and will probably get back into photography then, and will probably upgrade to something newer. I also have an old F2AS, and a Bronica SQ 6x6 setup. I don't know if it's even possible to get roll film (or processing for it) any more.
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Seems mirrorless is the way these digital cameras are going these days.... which I'm pretty sure means all new lens for the camera. I've been a Nikon person for over 40 years.... back when they had this stuff called 35mm film.... I worked up to a D7500 but hardly ever use it now... just carry the all weather cool pix with me for both work and pleasure.
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