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Originally posted by p08:
So no one had an Odyssey game console? We played pong on it and other games involving a white dot. Had screens that stuck to the TV with static cling. 1972 I was 8.
Haha! What a blast. Our family had that when I was a youngun. Big Grin
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As a kid, we couldn't afford any console/video games, in fact it wasn't until about 1990 that we got a TV and that was only because my grandparents gave us a VCR.

Earliest, I ever played a video game, was on my Dad's Tandy TRS-80 - it was knockoff version of Space Invaders on the floppy disc.

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My games were Contra and Dig Dug…I was really good at those.

I also enjoyed the ‘pattern’ games; specifically Dragon’s Lair.

Guys, when my buddy Mike Williams got to this scene and beat the game for the first time (Aladdin’s Castle) there was a huge crowd around him and much cheering on. We bought him pizza and Mt. Dew at Sbarro’s next door after he finished!

All it all you got.
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Centipede and Zaxxon

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Galaga, hands down.
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Ditto. Galaga.
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Super Mario Bros 3
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Pinball & Foosball is as close as I got as a kid.
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I think it was 1993 when computer gammer magazine had to create the award called "Online multiplayer game of the year" for a game called CYBERSTRIKE.

It was a mech game which had equal parts situational awareness, skill, strategy and tactics. It was four teams of four pods (aka mech) fighting over a grid map.

It started on GEnie moved to AOL durring its height and then on to which was owned by the game devs.

Durring the peak of the game I was the top player statistically however there were two maybe three others who I would consider my equal.

30 years later my college friends and I still talk about the game.

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Arcade: Joust
Console: Pitfall
PC: Prince of Persia

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Karate Champ arcade game
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I suppose that Battlezone was the one I did best.

I really liked Galaxian. 'Bugs, Mr Rico...' sometimes I think about buying a Galaxian machine.

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Pong was the first one out when I was really a kid.

After that Space Invaders and Asteroids.

I liked Asteroids, but I wasn't really good at it.

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Biplanes mode of Combat! for the Atari 2600 and the original Mario Kart.
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Enduro on the Atari 2600!

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Galaga, and the original stand up Star Wars game. That game came out and there was a line at my arcade. Red5 standing by.

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Another game I was pretty good at was Desert Strike and it's sequels.

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