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We gonna get some
oojima in this house!
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Wow! What is this new show I never heard of? I love it.

No spoilers. I'm on Netflix with season 1.

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It's pretty awesome! Waiting on Season 2.

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It's pretty fun. I'm sad that a few of the actors are so bad at acting, but overall it's a fun, fresh, new take on future stuff.

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The Season 2 first episode was aired on AMC last Monday right after The Walking Dead.

It inspired me to go back and watch Season 1. Again.

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I'm into it mostly for the dystopian future-type-stuff and the wicked-cool Kung-Fu fighting. It's a unique show. Quite enjoyable.
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It's not bad. Better than the usual crap on tv.
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I watched the first season and for me it was a big "meh". I love martial arts and the women were hot but I could not get into it.
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