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I just learned that Roman Gabriel has died. Some of you old time football fans may remember him as a long time QB of the LA Rams. He was the first Filipino NFL football player and was MVP in 1969. I remember him as a tough, hard nosed old school football player. RIP
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I remember vaguely remember him. I was about 10 but a Packers and not a Rams fan. My dad loved the guy. Big and tough. 83 years old was a good run. I hope his final years were good.
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I remember him. He was my childhood hero. Loved the Rams. Rosie Greer, Merlin and the crew. Fearsome foursome. My dad was a John Brodie fan Smile It was a long time ago. God Speed Roman.

Thanks for the heads up.

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One of my favorites when I was a young lad.
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At one time he lived on our street (I was a kid).

Needless to say, QBs were not paid as well then as they are now. Wink

Great guy from I saw and still have an autographed pic (now in a frame and on my home office wall).

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He was the first quarterback I pretended to be as a kid when playing football. Man, I sure wish I still had all those football cards we used to have as kids.

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I knew that name was familiar. Once I opened the thread he came back to me.

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As a kid I was more a Vikings fan than a follower of the 49ers or Rams. I guess that even back then the hate for Cali was blooming. Big Grin

As a youngling I remember Roman Gabriel mostly as a "football star" and from TV commercials. And as a Ram. Don't rightly remember much at all from his later career with the Eagles. I sort of recall that he was on the cover of one of the Sports Illustrated mags that I had in my collection of various publications that I collected when I was growing up. Beyond that he was just another sports celebrity that I didn't pay a lot of attention to back then. Nevertheless, R.I.P. Mr. Gabriel.

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I remember he played the character "Blue Boy" in the John Wayne Rock Hudson movie the Undefeated.

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I remember him as the RAM QB, never knew him as "Filipino", never cared back then as a kid when life was simpler.
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I enjoyed watching him play football, and I especially enjoyed him playing mostly Nati e American characters in cinema. Rest in peace, big man.
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