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Was at a Wedding Reception 30 or so years ago. A good friend, who for reasons left unsaid was not chosen to be paid $10,000,000 to flip letters, was sitting directly behind me at the next table. Another person complimented her on her dress. When I heard “It’s a Vanna White”, I Spit beer through my nose.

It has become an inside joke with my Wife. Whenever we see someone wearing something, that is clearly a “stretch”, I say “It’s a Vanna White”.
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Originally posted by PASig:
I recall her starring in several movies back when I was in high school so like late 1980s into the early 1990s.

My favorite movie scene of her, from "The Naked Gun 33 1/3; The Final Insult".
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I always thought she was over-rated. Even in the 80s, I never liked her. She tried a break-away movie career at one point. I saw part of "Goddess of love," and it was almost as bad as Sajak's night time talk show. Ot was terrible.

That being said, I can respect them both for being so long on the same show. Alex Trebec's passing showed just how hard it can be to replace the host on a 'simple' game show. . .

IIRC, she first flipped the letters, then pressed a button below each letter (or pretended to do), and now just walks by and waves a hand near the letters.

In the 80s, the winners had to choose prizes from a gallery. As stated earlier, it was mostly over-priced 'trendy' crap, likely provided as a source of advertising for whoever donated it. Like $1000 for a plant vase that was so ugly I wouldn't keep it in my garage. Whatever was left over (a few $$hundred, most times) went on a gift card.

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Originally posted by myrottiety:
Think that's bad. There's a professional gamer : Tyler "Ninja" Blevins that's worth like $40 Million.

He plays video games for a living people!

This comic was amazingly prescient.

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Posing for Playboy wasn’t a real job? I’ll never forget that issue hitting the stands when I was in the Army. 1986 I believe.
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Originally posted by 10X-Shooter:
Posing for Playboy wasn’t a real job?

Apparently she never did. The pictures were taken by a photographer not associated with Playboy 5 years before Hefner bought and published them.

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It's the American dream and she hit the jack pot and is still doing it and good for her. Pat is a pretty hardcore conservative from everything I hear and read. Out of all the riff raff in this world that deserve to be ripped on and ridiculed Vanna White and Pat Sajak are hardly the ones. They found the kind of success in the only country in the world that can provide such a opportunity. Get over it already.

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