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My last name is not Spanish/Latino, but to read it you could think it might be. Because of this I get lots of junk mail and telemarketing calls in spanish.

I also get a few commercial on Youtube in spanish. Just wondering if this is some random thing they do, or some connection being made elsewhere through my IP / internet provider or something else. Hmmm..?
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Could just be playing the demographic numbers.

For example, companies might look at data showing 25% of the population in your area is Spanish-speaking, and therefore they run 25% of the advertising in Spanish.

Personally, I rarely ever have to sit through Youtube commercials at all, Spanish or otherwise. Most of my Youtube viewing is on my computer, where the AdBlockPlus plug-in blocks ads, including Youtube ads. It's only on the rare occasion that I view Youtube on my phone that I see ads.

But within that very limited exposure to Youtube ads, I don't recall ever seeing any in Spanish. And a sizable chunk of the local population is Spanish-speaking (~20%). From what I recall, it's almost always car ads and movie trailers, in English.
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No, because I pay them off not to show commercials.
Unfortunately a lot, maybe most do a mini-live commercial within the video so I just FFwd past. Frown
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Seems two commercials in a row is the norm now. Soon it will be three, then four and as bad as trying to watch tv.

I know much of the commercials are based on what you're watching, but where you're watching from plays a part for sure. Other than the ones obviously influenced by what I'm watching, when I watch at work, only 2.5 miles away, the other commercials are clearly target to a certain market. (because of where I work) For a long time it seemed like there were more commercials at work than I was getting at home. (more as in more in a row, not more often)
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All of them Wink


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Originally posted by 0-0:
All of them Wink

Smartass! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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Brave blocks YT ads, which is great.

YouTubeTV, though, we do get ads in Spanish. Wish there was a way to alter that.

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Sometimes I'll get them for channels that have no relation to Spanish-speaking communities. Kinda strange.

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No, but the PoS terminal at HD came up with "pay now" in Spanish when I was checking out the other day. That was a bit annoying.

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