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Yeah, some interesting dilemmas with the Artifact and Starseed(?) missions.


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I'm not positive how many hours I have at the moment but I did the start of the main quest up to the meet and greet with the Constellation. I haven't gone any further with that yet, haven't even officially got my first companion yet. I ended up jumping on the Vanguard line and just finished that... yesterday??... several days playing through that line, along with the general "oh what's over there??" stuff as usual lol.

BUT...companion wise, maybe a small spoiler Smile

You can apparently get Amelia Earhart as a ships crew member, filling the pilot role and you can take her along as a companion apparently. I found her and she is currently set as co-pilot for my crew Cool Not 100% positive yet what perks my crew are adding to the ship but I couldn't pass up having her as part of the crew Big Grin
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If you go into you character screen, the bottom right has your ship. Click on the ship and it appears like the build screen. There is a crew button. Select crew and it will show you who is assigned to your ship and who is available. They also display their skills that affect your ship or what they offer as companions when off ship with you.

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I'm maybe a couple of hours into the game, doing some side quests along with the main .

Unfortunately, my PC barely meets min. requirements, so all settings are set at low, and it shows. I stopped playing because...

I have a new rig being shipped this week!!
Once it's set up, I'll be diving in bigtime!
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