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If you wanted a new 5.56 AR and had $2000 to spend, which would you buy? Login/Join 
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My two nicest factory Uppers are Knights Armament and BCM. I recently added a Sons of Liberty Gun Works 13.7” complete rifle and it’s fit and finish is excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy any of those three.

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1. Knights Armamrnt
2. Geissele
3. Primary Weapons Systems

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Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT).


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I really enjoy my PWS Mk114; extremely well made, solid reliability to date and it does meet the sub-$2K criteria. Mine is an older Mod 1 but I'd have no problem picking up another if a Mod 2 weren't available.

A buddy has an older KA SR-15 that is one supremely well made rifle that has held up well over the years. Back when he bought it it was a sub-$2K rifle but nowadays they're often in the mid to upper 2K range price-wise, depending on build options. But having shot that one on many occasions I'd love to have one of those.

We sell DDs; the M4V7 Pro with the Geissele trigger is a sweet build and retailed in the mid 1800s when we last had one in. I've only shot a DD rifle once; I liked it in general but the trigger on that one was worse than Mil-spec. Another we sell: I like how well made the Barrett Rec7 DI is and customers who've bought this one have been quite pleased with how they've performed. They usually go in the mid teens when we get them in and no, I haven't had the opportunity to shoot one.

I also like Bravo Company rifles a lot. I wouldn't mind at all saving some $$$ and getting one of their mid-length builds instead of spending the whole 2 grand on a single rifle. We sell Noveske rifles from time to time (I do like their barrels) but they're well over $2K these days.

Then again, there's a way overbudget MR556 ($3K plus) sitting on our rifle rack that keeps whispering to me...

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A DD or BCM will do anything you need. I’ve got several of each. Taken a lot of hard core classes with them and they have never let me down.


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Thanks for all the suggestions. Passed on a list for consideration.

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I was going to recommend a KAC SR-15, however I took a look over on GunBroker and some uppers are more than $2,000 and complete rifle has nearly doubled since I bought my E3 mod 0 & 300 blackout upper.
Good luck to your friend on his selection!

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