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Yes, I posted a wtb ad. Not sure how they got my email without being a member, but something feels off. Claims to be a member, and gave me his member name, and a few other pieces of info. Not really sure how to verify tho? I have his member name, but the email he wants to use for PP is different than the one we have been communicating with. Can a mod contact me via email?

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They can sign up to gain email addresses.
Having a different email for PP happens on a pretty regular basis.

Have you googled both email addresses?
With and without the words; scam/scammer?
What's their posting history look like, join date?
Can you obtain a phone number and have a chat?

Whatever you do (since it feels off), trust your gut and don't proceed without verification from para.

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Originally posted by pepsiblue:
Can a mod contact me via email?
Almost 15 years you've been here. You can and should contact me, not the other way around. My email address is in my profile. Send me the details, please.

You haven't gone through with this transaction, have you?
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