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I was in gunstore other day that a LTT 92 and a 92X performance and honestly both triggers and resets were great but the 92X had a slightly better trigger and a super short reset.

I'd hold them both before making a decision since they are pretty evenly priced (around $1300-1400 from what I saw)

Only thing I noticed was the 92X Performance has no de-cock lever and the LTT does, if it were for carry I guess a LTT would be more appropriate, only my opinion.
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A Beretta 92G does it for me. They're hard to find new but not impossible. The gun is easy to build and parts readily available. You can customize to you liking without pay a big bill. Polishing the sear and hammer with 5,000 grit sand paper and change out the factory "D" Spring for a 12 or 13 lbs. "D" Spring will give you an nice single/double action trigger pull. Happy hunting for your Beretta.
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