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Any SF members familiar with this firm and their aftermarket parts? I might be interested in trying their P320 trigger in an attempt to more consistently index my trigger finger. The new slide catch lever looks interesting as well. Feedback is most welcome.
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I have a slide catch for my Glock 45, looks well made and seems to be functional for its purpose.
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If the illustrations are accurate, the products seem to be well made, but is this an American company? “Perform consistent and reliable groupings with each shot …,” and “… will function using almost any grain ammunition”—?

Referring to “grain ammunition” rather than bullet weight seems to becoming more common among people whose knowledge of the subject is limited to what they can read on the cartridge box, but it isn’t what I expect from a manufacturer of firearms parts.

It reminds me of the instructions that used to come with Japanese made toys when I was a kid: “To be making projection A into mashing spot 3.”

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...but is this an American company?

Perhaps a better question is: "Is this a company run by anyone educated enough to know how to string a proper sentence together?" Doesn't take an English major to run a CNC machine while listening to their favorite hip-hop tunes. I noticed that their address puts them not far from The Loop in Chicago. Wouldn't surprise me if a twentysomething or two comprise the "corporate" officers of this company. And the design flavor of their parts definitely lends credence to a more "youthful" inspired philosophy.

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I bought one of their Glock triggers. I ended up tossing it. The safety was really sharp and tearing up my finger under recoil.
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I bought a used g19 locally that had been tricked out with all tyrant stuff. Slide stop back plate, trigger. Everything had sharp edges and tooling marks. All that crap came off and replaced with stock parts.
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