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The G20 is about to bring me over to the dark side. I'm tired of lugging that Ruger Redhawk up in the mountains, so I may be going Glock.

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I fully and respectfully say I will NEVER ever buy a Glock.

I’ve shot 4 different Glock just not my thing. Even though I do want to try my friends new G30sf
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NO!!-----------hate the trigger
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Originally posted by Growler67:
Unless they are made to fit better in my hands and feel comfortable, I don't think so........EVAR.

Like holding a block of wood. And they're butt ugly. I've considered buying one just so I can say

1. YES I own a Glock. I keep the hideous thing in the safe where it belongs.
2. NO you may not touch it
2. NO you may not shoot it
3. NO I will not sell it to you

Big Grin
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(not mine)

Nice is overrated

"It's every freedom-loving individual's duty to lie to the government."
Airsoftguy, June 29, 2018
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Look at the Glock 30SF, some say it is the best gun Glock produces...Not preaching Glock, but they are known for producing high calibers in comfortable small packages.....I have assorted HK, Sig, Kimber, kahr,Ruger, Glock and Smiths. Glock is cost effective and is not a high maintenanced girlfriend. Goes bang everytime........My Kimber is my supermodel, but my Glock is my guaranteed lay. (come on.... that's funny!)
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G21SF owner here.. owned G31 and g22 also.

It's kinda of like the ring...the one to rule them all, but everyone shuns it or resists it because they fear what wrath and attention it may draw.
I sit in my man-cave, stroking it, "My Precious..."
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No Glocks for me.


I like my handguns to be functional, and appealing to the eye. NOTE: I did not type "...'appalling' to the eye" - That's the Glock category.

Simple as that.

- Brian

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I would die first!!!

You would have to pry that into my cold, dead, fingers...

Big Grin


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Yeah, I bought a Glock years ago. Never did warm upto it. Yes, it works, is reasonably accurate but really requires a dedication to that platofrm only if you want to shoot it really well. The grip is so diff as is the trigger. If I dedicate it as my only for a few practice sessions, then I do well, but I can pick up my 1911 or P239 any day, any time & out shoot my Glock. Roll Eyes

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To each his own......just not for me. Love watching you guys shoot the thing though!.....Smile I have no "closeted" love for Glock at all.......Cheers The Mouse
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Nothing beats a Glock and yes, I drink the Kool-Aid. Just look at my avatar. However, the M&Ps have also filled my heart and now I own several of the plastic fantastics.

If I were to choose one pistol over all others, it would be a G19.

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Originally posted by parabellum:
Originally posted by kmichael:
I fired a Glock once and that was enough for me. If you enjoy it , that is fine.
We understand. It's hard to admit your closeted love for the Glock. But it's a Living Hell, man, living that lie. The Truth shall set you free! Admit the truth and join us, brother!

Amen Brother, I must confess my sins, I have recently purchased two Glocks, forgive me but I really like them!!
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I really like my G17. I used to be a hater, but I saw the light.

I must be an anomaly, because I can fire my SIG's, 1911, XD and immediately fire my Glock without any problems, and be pretty darned accurate.

I enjoy having different platforms and being proficient with each of them.

Now if only my wife would let me shoot her M&P9. Wink
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Ok, it's time for me to come clean.

I just purchased a Glock 26. I had the choice of many other subcompacts and I chose Glock. I'm a Sig and HK guy.

I have also pondered that if I was LEO and my department allowed me to choose my own duty weapon, as much as I love Sigs and HK's, I most likely would choose a Glock.

My name is Maestro and I like Glocks.
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I already own my one and only plastic gun, a P250 and really like it. No need for a Glock in my house, 5 Sig's, a S&W J Frame and a Kahr CW9 is enough diversity for me...... Next will be a P238 if they ever get released although I am not a real fan of 380's, just want one....

.....Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.....

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I have been a die hard SIG fan for years and still own a P220. But after going through a Police firearm course using a G21SF in 45ACP, I have to admit I really like the Glock platform. I like it's constant trigger no matter how crappy it is.

Recently I bought another Glock, a G33 in .357SIG and it is a real good CC gun. It is replacing my SIG P239 which has always been reliable and never failed. But the constant trigger pull combined with the reduced weight of the G33 and round capacity have me selling the P239. She's been a good girlfriend but I found another one who's plastic.

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Barrett Tillman
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Originally posted by 00fxsts:
NO!!-----------hate the trigger

I got to ask WHY ???? cause its the exact same every time and reset is too good ?

"No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he is vigilant in its preservation" General Douglas MacArthur
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It takes owning a few SIGs to appreciate the simplicity of a Glock.

I was a hater. Saw the light. They have no soul, and I can't ever see owning more than one. Which works out well, because I don't think anything can kill my 19.

(it was SIGforum that pushed me over the edge to get a 19)

“Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.” – James Madison

"Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others." - Robert Louis Stevenson
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I tried to join the darkside . Bought a G22 , had many many problems and dumped it . Even when it worked I just couldn't get used to that grip . Maybe someday I'll pick up a G19 and try again .

Happiness is having to climb in your car to change your target.
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