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So I bought an original P365 a few years ago, once they had the issues with them worked out. It was just too small to get a good grip on, so I sold it.

So after trying on different pistols for sizes, I went with a P365X. I knew I wanted the Wilson XL Grip Module and some magazine Pinky Extensions.

Most places were out of the Grip Modules and other than Pearce, no one had any Pinky Extensions.

Ran across Armory Craft that had the Grip Module and some Pinky Extensions. Did a bit of research and Armory Craft seemed to be a reputable place, so I placed the order. Good communications, order arrived quickly and complete.

Haven't shot it at all yet, but I'm happy with the Fit and Feel of the parts. It appears that maybe the Pinky Extensions are something that Armory Craft 3D Prints, or has done. Their name is imprinted on them. They match the styling of the Grip fairly well.

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Nice! I’ve been wanting a 365x with a WC grip.
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Armory Craft is very reputable and makes good stuff. My recollection is the mag extensions are 3d printed but be careful as I believe they warn against letting them drop to the ground.

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I swear I had
something for this
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Armory Craft also makes the best gas pedal takedown lever for the P320. It's slightly thicker than the stock part and still fits in the same holsters compared to the massive one that's all over eBay.
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Thread cost me money……….

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