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The Von S. sights are the irons I shoot best with. Both the fastest and most accurate for me. They also came on my Kahr.

And their inventor was a very interesting fellow.
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I ordered a set from Hague Distribution on eBay earlier this week. They came in today and look great. MUCH better than the picture they show on eBay. I just ordered another set for my P220R ST.

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True, here's a pretty well written article about him.


Thanks for that...very interesting read. Love the car photos, too.
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A lovely late ‘90s P225 I just received from a fellow member has these sights - I’m looking forward to working them out at the range soon.

I feel like some of my earlier SIGs may have had them, but I know I didn’t realize them for what they were at the time (either the sights or the guns themselves, frankly).

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I love these sights, to me they are far superior to any 3 dot sight.

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I never liked them. I usually painted the white bar on the rear sight out.

My preference for a combat/game sight is a red or green fiber optic dot on the front and a plain black rear notch. I do like a wide rear notch.

For precision, I like traditional square front blades in a square notch, but my older eyes find those hard to deal with now. I really need an electronic red dot or a scope now.

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Yes, I do like bar-dot sights. They just say, "SIG" to me. Had them on my old 228. Don't care for 3-dots, not sure why.

However, I don't care for "combat sights" in general, and most contrast sights seem to be set up that way. The target is behind the dot, so you can't see it unless you're really close or superimposing said dot with both eyes. Traditional "blade-in-a-notch" iron sights let me see and aim more precisely, and lend themselves much better to modified sight pictures for shooting at longer ranges.

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