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Originally posted by egregore:
A much bigger problem than power or bullet design with .22LR is reliability of ignition. Even with good brands you get more duds than with centerfire. Neither will do any good if the cartridge doesn't fire to start with.

My concern with .22s is feeding reliability.

The nickel plating might help reduce deformed bullets but that rim is still a potential problem.

I picked up a pocket Beretta years ago and I chose the .25 ACP over .22 LR for those reasons.

Hey, if it was good enough for 007...

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Found Punch at a Mpls, MN LGS for $8.95/50
Picked up two for my Beretta 21a in hopes it will be everything I've read and seen.

Next week to the range.
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Tried out a couple mags in the 21a and they shot and cycled nice - great report. They have a casing about 1/8" longer that a standard 22lr - More Powder and Less bullet. Punched a nice clean hole in my paper plates. I'm Sold.
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May I ask what LGS here, been interested to try this out. Feel free to email me directly if you want.
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I just checked the Federal web-sight and they are available today. You can buy direct from Federal.
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It seems like the attributes of .22LR Punch seem to be 1070 fps from a 2" barrel (1,650 fps out of 24-inch rifle barrels) and penetration of 10% ballistic gel to 13.75" in a relatively straight line because of its truncated flat nose design.

Wouldn't it be interesting to compare it to something similar, possibly slower and heavier from 2" and rifle length barrels:

Bullet Weight: 36
Muzzle Velocity: 1410
Plated truncated cone bullets pack plenty of bite for small game of all types and fast-paced .22 excitement of every sort. These hyper-velocity loads are ideal for small-game and hold their own at the target board as well. For fast-striking, 22 performance, Viper® can't be beat."


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Just bought a box of the Federals and hope to try them out this weekend. They were $12 a box.

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I participated in an event where one thing we did was test a large number of rounds in gel, including punch and some others. The clear winner for a defensive round in 22 ( if there can be such a thing) was CCI velocitor. It retains the full 40 grain weight of a traditional long rifle cartridge with more velocity than any other 40 grain bullet load. Penetration into the vicinity of 15”
My go down to the mail box gun is a 2” J frame 22 loaded with velocitor
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This article reviews several 22lr cartridges, including Punch.

.22 LR For Self Defense: Ammunition Test & Comparison
by JEREMIAH KNUPP posted on January 8, 2022

It’s a question those of us in the gun writing business often get asked. “What’s the best caliber for a self-defense handgun?” Those expecting a one-to-three digit answer from me will be disappointed. I respond to their simple question with a complex one. “What is the most powerful cartridge that you can shoot accurately and proficiently that comes in a handgun which is comfortable enough to carry that you’ll carry it all the time?” Depending on the person asking, the answer will vary. For some, it’s a full-sized .357 Mag. or 10 mm Auto. For others, it’s one of the current .380 ACPs offered in a 9 mm-sized handgun. And in certain cases, it’s the .22 LR...

Complete article:
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Originally posted by redlickranch:
Just bought a box of the Federals and hope to try them out this weekend. They were $12 a box.

I tried a function test with my Beretta 21a yesterday. The Federal Punch 22lr jammed stove piped or stuck in the chamber and did not eject even though I brushed out the bore after each magazine. Of course my chosen round CCI Stinger worked flawlessly through 6 magazines without cleaning the bore as usual. So much for my gotta try it event. I'll stick with Stingers for my "dog walk" gun thank you very much
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This guy, Tools & Targets has compared the .22 Punch against about every other brand in ballistic jelly and in his tests no other rimfire has beat it…pretty interesting results to say the least…


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I took a box to the range today and tested them with a Ruger SR22.

First I shot 50 Federal autoMatch rounds and then 50 Punch rounds.

The 50 AutoMatch fed great with no issues.

The Punch round was noticeably louder with more muzzle flash. Grouping seemed a little better but I was free handing it, not fixed.

I did experience one Fail to Fire’ with the Punch about midway through the 50 rounds. That surprised me and makes me question if they are worthy to carry.

Don’t recall very many Fail to Fire’s in the thousands of rounds of .22s I’ve shot, but never had one in the first 50 rounds of a new product till today.

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I shot some today in my S&W 43c, which is an everyday carry gun, and in a S&W 34. POI was the same as for the Stingers I normally carry. While shooting the Punch and Stingers from alternate chambers, I could not tell any difference in noise level or muzzle blast.

I did not set up the chrono, but had already found a test online where the Punch velocites were as advertised, i.e. over 1K from a 2" barrel.

So I have decided to carry them, in alternate chambers along with the Stingers, since my normal practice is to double tap with that gun.

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It sounds pretty similar to a lot of hypervelocity .22 rounds. The bullet may be more stoutly jacketed, but were lead .22 bullets fracturing or failing to penetrate?

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Here's another positive review. Mrs. Sigmund does not CCW, but her HD gun is an LCR-22 with eight rounds of Punch.

22 LR for Self Defense: Ammunition Test and Review

Federal Premium .22 LR Punch ammunition is designed to penetrate deeply when shot through short-barreled handguns


When mulling over the question of what’s the best caliber for self-defense, the .22 LR is not at the top of anyone’s list. However, carrying a .22 for self-defense isn’t unreasonable for some shooters and some circumstances—and ammo makers have responded to that need.

The Federal Punch line of ammo spans many major self-defense calibers from 200-grain 10mm Auto on down to the 29-grain .22 LR, which was introduced in 2021.

In centerfire handgun calibers (.380 Auto and up) the Punch loads jacketed hollow point bullets, but in the rimfire configuration it uses a nickel-plated flat nose design. The published muzzle velocity from a 4-inch barrel is 1080 fps and per Federal’s product specs the bullets are designed to achieve deep penetration from short-barreled handguns, which would be the typical configuration for someone carrying a .22 LR for personal protection...

Complete review with lots of photos:
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Originally posted by lastmanstanding:
I picked up a couple boxes in 9mm last week. I have never used it before but I'm guessing it won't give me any problems as it's quality ammo.

Maybe I'll throw an old hoodie on a pork shoulder and see what kind of penetration I get. I need to make some pulled pork anyhow. Cool

wait make sure you use some lead free rounds
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I placed an sgammo order last week and decided to throw in a box of this stuff just to play with it. I shot 8 rounds of it today out of my 3" S&W 63. I put four on paper at 15 yards, and it shot roughly to point of aim, and groups were comparable to Federal Automatch. I was freehanding it, so not really a scientific test...but practically speaking accuracy was comparable.

What disappointed me was it's performance on steel. I realize that energy transfer to steel doesn't equate to performance on flesh, but this stuff was WEAK. There are four small rimfire plates at our range, and I stuck the other 4 "Punch" rounds into one and couldn't get it to fall at 15 yards. I loaded up some Automatch and dropped the plate in the first shot, and then the other three one after another, one shot each.

I'll probably do some more testing with a chronograph and off a bench, both with the pistol and a rifle, but I'm not sure this would be my choice for carry ammo in a .22.
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Longer case, light bullet; sounds like a Stinger with a gee whiz computer designed bullet. Not for me.

My Plastic M&P Compact is reliable with MiniMags and that is what it normally gets. It has shot a few Velocitors ok, so if I were to carry it I would thoroughly test it with those.
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Marketing... Roll Eyes

My usual accompanying comment: "Still, nobody really likes to get shot with ANYTHING."

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I can’t determine from the Federal site how the velocity of the Punch load compares with other 22 Long Rifle ammunition. It lists the velocity as 1080 fps whereas other common 40 grain loads are listed at 1200 fps or higher. I suspect the one is from handguns and the other from rifles. But in any event, lighter bullets usually do poorer against reactive knockdown targets because it’s bullet momentum that affects that ability most. Knocking over steel plates doesn’t tell us much about its effectiveness for other purposes.


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