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Never had an issue and I consider it on the higher quality end of the list.

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All the GECO I've used has been great. I feel like it's a little hotter than your standard practice ammo too. I'll grab it over the other stuff I see on the shelf if the price is comparable.

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Never had a problem with GECO, mostly in .32 ACP/7.65 Browning. Did have problems with 4 boxes of 9mm Fiocchi, cases too wide and trouble loading and ejecting. Had the same with with one batch of .32 ACP S&B. All previous batches and following batches were fine.

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Guy at the indoor range had GECO 115gr 9mm yesterday. His bullets hit the backstop and sparked big time. Subsequently, the bullet stuck to a magnet. Was told he couldn't shoot it, so he packed up and left.

I didn't think GECO made steel core/steel jacketed ammo.

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