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Originally posted by HK Ag:
Would it also make sense to increase the number of posts or set a calendar time limit before being able to post For Sale items? Make em earn it more.

Marginal effectiveness. Other forums do that and still get scammers.

On one forum a scammer created an account, let it lay fallow for a year. Then started posting a bunch of throw-away comments to threads to get his post count up. We were just waiting for the "for sale" thread or "I'll take it" post when somebody brought the activity to the site's Admins and he was banned.

Latest scam here was a member posted a WTB. Scammer signed up so he could get access to the member's profile and email address. Emailed him directly and set him up (literally) with "somebody he knew who had one for sale."

Para and other sites can do a lot, but, in the end, the only thing that works is caveat emptor. Or caveat venditor in the case of sellers.

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