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Originally posted by 83v45magna:
1960'ish Schwinn stingray with banana seat.

I had one in about 1969. Mine was gold.

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Current ride:
Electra Townie.
In my wasted youth:
Huffy to destroy by delivering heavy papers.
Schwinn Stingray to impress the chix.

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This was my first really liked bike. Had the 2 speed axle. I had larger handlebars on it. Not ape hangers though

Then I graduated to Schwinn Varsity. First one had Simplex gears. I changed the rear changer to Huret.
First Varsity was red. Second green. Third red.
Now I have a Fuji Mt Fuji.

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GT 4000

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It’s been a long time since I’ve been on either, but I put a bunch of miles on a Raleigh Tourist and a Raleigh Superbe in the 1980s. I commuted to school and work in Austin and then Colorado Springs on them.

Pics from the web:


28” wheels, rod brakes, ponderous wheelbase for smooth ride.



Features a DynoHub generator and a locking front fork.

30 years ago I moved to a little town in Texas that grows a shitload of grass-burrs and goatheads, and it ended my bicycling.
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I used to ride quite a bit until a few years ago. Pinarello is my preferred bike, but I’m riding a Specialized Robeaux mostly now.

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I had an Al Specialized with Dura Ace components and had them put on this carbon frame. Modified the logos somewhat.

I also have an old Lightspeed Tuscany that I bought used for $1K that is my favorite, but I only ride it in WI in the summer.

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I Am The Walrus
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Currently ride a Trek hybrid Dual Sport 8.5 right now but I'm looking to get a Trek Domane SL6 road bike. Supply has been hard to come by, everyone decided to take up bike riding. Goal is to finish a century ride before next summer.


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Schwinn Orange Krate.

Got good use out of it on ice-storm days when school got cancelled. My ice-skater buddies would form up in a line, holding on to the waist of the skater in front.

I'd let the first in the line grab the steel loop on the back of the seat, and we'd head down the iced-up subdivision street, starting on a 1/3 mile straight section, but heading for a sudden hard right turn.

The bike had a wide, slick rear tire so I'd make it, just fine. As would the first couple people in the line, usually. But generally someone down the line would succumb to the centripetal force and the rest of the line would head off in wildly separate directions, laughing their heads off as Newtonian physics took over.

No adults in sight, and yet, we survived. Smile
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The first bicycle I bought with mostly my own money was a Team Murray BMX style bike. I had never before seen such a bike style and was used to the banana seat style bikes. It was about 1980 and it was gold and silver. I sold all kinds of toys to buy that bike. I’m sure my parents helped me in the end. It was eventually stolen when we moved to East Boston. I never like East Boston. Surprising because my home town of Chelsea MA was even more of a shithole. I can’t find a picture of it.

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Originally posted by Bassamatic:
Shoot. Those ain't bikes. This is a bike. 1954 Schwinn Panther. I had one exactly like it except it was green. Smile

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yes on the green/white color with a battery powered horn hidden in the fake tank with button on side of tank. Time frame 1959/1960. .....................drill sgt.
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No pix yet. All road bikes.
First serious bike: Atala Professional Record bought 1971: Campagnolo Nuevo Record except brakes and hubs which are Phil Wood hubs.
Second serious bike: Trek 5500 with Shimano Ultegra group
Also: Santana Arriva, I forget the components.

I have hardly ridden the Trek even though it’s a wonderful bike, wide gear range, light-weight carbon frame, STI levers. Need someone to ride with to get me out there.

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I have no idea what it was. Some generic bike my dad paid $20 for back around 1948 or 9 and made me learn to ride. (I did, but the experience was traumatic for both of us--I was, and am, a klutz and he had little patience.) All I remember about it was that it had chromed fenders and was too big for me (26" wheels and I was only 4' 6" tall when I started high school 2 years later). There are no pictures--cameras and photographs were very expensive back then and there are very few photos of me (unlike today, when doting parents have photos of every second of their precious darlings' lives).

That is the only bicycle I've ever had. I traveled all over Detroit on its excellent bus system for most of my time there.


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Retro. I had a Motobecane Grand Record with Campy components back in college in the early '80s. It got stolen, of course. Ann Arbor, FWIW.
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Road bike: 2013 Specialized Tarmac Elite

Gravel bike: 1989 Specialized Rock Combo

Mountain Bike: 1988 or so Diamondback Ascent
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Current rides:
- ~1989 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team model (what I'm most likely to be on and I bought it brand new in my 20s)
- ~1989 Bridgestone MB-1 mountain bike
- Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles road frame (white with 3-tone blue speckles with matching frame pump)

Past rides:
- Schwinn Skoot
- Raleigh 3-speed touring bike
- Raleigh 10-speed road bike
- Fuji 10-speed road bike
- SE Racing OM Flyer
- another single-speed cruiser bike (don't recall the brand)
- CW Racing freestyle (don't recall model)
- Redline RL-24 cruiser
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I don't ride anymore, but I could see enjoying it again if I can keep trending downward another 50# or so! Smile

A friend of mine competed 10+ years back in BMX, had a couple signature frames named after him!
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1967 gold colored Schwinn Stingray 2 speed kick back gears activated by kicking back the pedals short of braking. The banana seat was bright white.

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My bikes as a youth until I was 16 were found in junk yards and rebuilt by me.. BMX frame and handlebars with wrong forks, and an old steel 10 speed with down tube shifters. At 16 my mom bought me a nice Centurion Le Mans 12 speed; I still have this bike, and it still fits. I am going to have it converted to be able to run the 700r series tires as finding 27 1/4 x 1 1/4 tires is difficult now.

My current bike is a 2013 Orbea Orca purchased new in January 2015 at cost from the local bike shop. 60 cm frame, but I have upgraded from the 10 speed groupset to an 11 speed Ultegra groupset, upgraded the wheels to Rolf Prima Vigor RS as they hold my weight, upgraded the saddle to a Selle SMP "Evolution", upgraded the bars to 46cm wide 35mm diameter Deda Elementi bars, changed the stem to a Deda stem to fit the bars, Stages power meter, Shimano Dura-Ace SPD +4mm pedals (clipless), and Maxxis 700R x 25mm tubeless tires. All in all about $5000.00 worth of bike. I have put over 3000 miles on it since I purchased it.

More blessed than I deserve.
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I almost forgot bout this gem.
JAD bikes. Juventus Di Martino.
Awesome idea.
Terrible customer service.
Bottom bracket was such an almost impossible find.
While the design was good, the main (only) tube flexed a lot.
It was like riding springy spaghetti noodles.
Two weeks and I sold the frame.

I forgot about this POS.

Not mine. Internet pic.

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