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Along with coins this Christmas, Salvation Army wants white donors to offer a "sincere apology" for their racism Login/Join 
Just Hanging Around
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Isn't that special.

Guess the local rescue mission will be getting a few extra dollars this year.
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Oh…fuck to the NO.
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Wow. No money from me.
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The Salvation Army says Christianity is racist? And I thought they were a Christian-based organization, or at least founded with Christian principles.

Like many others here, my donations to Salvation Army will now be directed elsewhere.

Thanks to the OP for posting this eye-opening info.

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Earlier today I strolled by the kettle outside the Yooper grocery store. Manned by a dirty, sullen man with the appearance of being "homeless". I saw an elderly woman put a coin in the kettle and Mr. Personality did not even acknowledge her presence. I cant help but wonder where they came up with this guy and what they promised him to get him to work the kettle. I recall that they used to man the kettle with someone dressed as Santa. I guess I now know why this was discontinued. Santa is white.

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A nuclear family structure sure would make fathers day less confusing and stressful, for certain groups. Regards 18DAI

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Interesting. I wonder if these guys all signed off on that?

"National advisory board members include Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, Chick-Fil-A Foundation President Rodney Bullard and charter school pioneer J.C. Huizenga."
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Conservative talk show host Dr. Dennis Prager, while promoting a new charity, recently mentioned that he used to work with the Salvation Army to help with donations, but once they went woke, he dropped them.

I've mentioned it to family members, and posted it in other forum threads here, that Progressive Marxist radical ideology has infiltrated its way into Christianity. Everything from global warming to LGBTQXYZ to CRT. Last year, a friend texted a wonderfully inspirational prayer video to me from a pastor I had never heard of and wanted to know more about. Researching him, I found out he was very well known in Christian circles and had written a number of Christian books that had apparently sold very well and he was obviously affluent and doing very well for himself.

Digging a little further, I found that he had jumped onboard the CRT woke train, attended a rally where he professed his sincere apologies for his racist whiteness, and publicly washed the feet of blacks. I found other Christian pastors who did videos revealing his slow steady slide into Wokeness and Liberation Theology.

Another white Christian Sunday minister I used to listen to, did something similar and started using his show to push "understanding" and "acceptance" and "sympathy" for those pushing for "racial justice".

"Wokeness" has infiltrated every level and institution in culture, including religion, and it's best to not blindly assume that a church or Christian-based organization teaches or promotes traditional Christian values any longer.

Originally posted by PHPaul:
Well, shit. They were the one outfit I thought I could trust to use my donation wisely and not spend 90% of it on "administrative costs".

Not only will they not get one thin dime from me, the poor bell-ringer will get an explanation of why that will be impossible to misinterpret.

An email contact:

United Way went woke years, probably a couple decades ago and after their 9/11 fiasco, I did some research and learned about the Salvation Army, the good community work they were doing, and their low administrative costs, and they became one of my primary charities. When others would pretend to not see or hear the bell ringers and walk past them, I would make a bee line for them and drop money in the kettle.

Not one more penny from me either.

I don't know if it was just locally or nationally, but there was a news story a year or two ago about how the SA wasn't going to have as many Bell ringers stationed at the usual store fronts, and it was apparent locally. I'm sure C-19 had something to do with it last year, but even in 2019 there were fewer SA Bell ringers. I wonder if declining donations convinced SA to try the woke donation model?

Thanks for the SA email address!
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You don't need to donate. The idea of "voluntary" contributions is out the window. The amount of money the Government is passing out without any oversight is tremendous. I believe the monetizing the debt by investing in the stock market is why many companies are on the woke train. Who needs investors when the Government decides the winners. Tax rate is going to 53 percent
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I'm a horrible privileged racist but they'll take my money anyway? Not anymore.

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Back more than fifty years ago, in a place called Vietnam, a very well known charitable organization dropped by to visit us and charged us for donuts. More than slightly angered me.

A couple months later, the Salvation Army came by and gave us donuts. That made me swear I'd never give to the other organization, but would always give to the Salvation Army.

And I have, for over 50 years. Never again!

What they say here about Christianity and racism is, to me, just crazy and I am not gonna support any institution that's gone crazy. I will continue to support my little Baptist Church as I should, but the SA-no way!

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"disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure."

Seems that's already taking hold.

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Not that I ever gave much, but no for sure never again. My wife always would toss in a couple of buck when she went to the store. No more!

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You know what? I always pushed Salvation Army as a go to charity. That just ended. It's despicable to say the least.

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I don't know what's motivating the Salvation Army but I do know the Obama administration worked to limit, minimize or destroy private sector charities. That leaves Uncle Sugar as the go to source of helping those in need. Is the SA committing suicide by design or coercion? Whatever, it's more than just worshiping at the feet of wokeness.

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The Salvation Army commits *hara-kiri.

*Note: I use the coarse expression hara-kiri (cut the guts), rather than the honorable act of self resolve, seppuku. There’s nothing honorable about The Salvation Army’s public suicide.

We got a $5 fine for whining

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I believe in the 25th amendment.
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I'll be sure that they don't get any more of my racist money.
Fuck them and their bell ringing.


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I’m going to print that article - many copies. In red ink on each copy, I’ll indicate clearly that this is all I’ll ever drop into their kettles from now on.

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Are these people stupid enough to believe that only white people are racist?
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