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Peace through
superior firepower
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My conscience manifests itself as a little man with a hammer. When I've behaved poorly, he bangs on the inside of my skull with his hammer until I make amends, or at least try to do so.

Not as an excuse, but by way of explanation, I tell you that I have reached a saturation point with the poison being poured out onto my country. I've come to a place where I feel no need to hold back in my remarks about these things, but on Sunday night in my throes of righteousness, I lashed out at some of the members here who had done nothing but want to discuss what is- whether I/we like it or not- a national event, the Super Bowl.

I'll not attempt to name everyone, because surely there were members (and non-registered readers of the forum) who read my harsh remarks and ill treatment of well-intended members, and said not a word, but who didn't care for my remarks and behavior.

DCFD4, I feel very badly about hijacking your thread and speaking to you so harshly. It was a foolish and rude thing for me to do.

old rugged cross, my remarks to you were uncalled for.

cpartkid, I misinterpreted your innocent remarks and jumped to an incorrect conclusion.

Georgeair, I was ready to read you the riot act; yet another jump to a wrong conclusion.

selogic and corsair, your Man Cards were never in danger and I shouldn't have said such a thing to the two of you.

SIGnified, I regret making you feel as if you were wrong to speak your mind when, in fact, I was pushing you and others to do so. I can see now how the things I was saying were a gauntlet thrown down, daring all of you to pick it up.

Black92LX, there was not a single thing wrong with your post and I regret being so harsh.

Ronin1069, you didn't deserve the sarcasm that came your way.

I'm certain I've left someone out, but I apologize to the membership in general for lecturing all of you to have self-respect when I should have been concerned with my own, and I apologize for telling everyone that they should just go ahead and surrender.


"I am your retribution." - Donald Trump, speech at CPAC, March 4, 2023
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Shall Not Be Infringed
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It takes a 'Better Man' to admit as much! Wink


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Thanks Para, no apology was needed. I hope you know we share a lot of the same feeling about the current state of affairs and it is not easy to see.
I do believe that things can go a better direction in the future. That is my hope and prayer for our country.
We need to stay together.

"Practice like you want to play in the game"
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I'd like to think "it's all good". I think of this place as congregation of mostly like-minded folks that can handle a fight or two. We argue but generally do not fume. In the end we're all friends. That rarely goes away. Sometimes a beratement is deserved, sometimes it's not. I just shrug it off and attribute it to a bad day and sometimes I have to look at myself to see if I've instigated an issue.

Of course, I don't understand a lot about social interactions and I could have a lot of that wrong. My wife is usually my translator when I don't understand the meaning behind words, she's a godsend.
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Biggest thing a man can do is admit he's wrong. I think we all know you are well intentioned but also human like the rest of us.

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I wish more people had your strength.

"First, Eyes."
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Domari Nolo
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I am right there with you, Para, on the state of our country.

And because of that, it's good to sometimes simply enjoy some of our country's cherished traditions that bring us joy. The stuff that makes all the fighting worth it in the first place.

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Savor the limelight
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To be fair, a long standing rule about not commenting on people’s looks was violated and the thread title was a good indication that the thread wasn’t going to be just a hey, how’s the game going discussion.
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Takes a big man and if it's any consolation I think most of us are on the same page with you. I don't know how or if the country can come back from where it's at and we're only sinking deeper. I'm more than sick of all the shit.
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Needs a check up
from the neck up
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I didn't see the thread, but you have again shown why this is the only place I go to on the internet where I feel that there is an actual membership. A clan of sorts. I am sure that all will be well and you're a good man to start this thread, but you already know that.

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We are being trained to not speak as we feel and not to be able to have a conversation about what we disagree upon.
Freedom of speech, and all of our rights are being whittled away by design.
How do you come to a logical conclusion without all the facts?
Don't be sorry Para, you have a right to your opinions, as do we all.

“Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.”

John Adams
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Semper Fidelis Marines
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it is all good sir, we appreciate you and your wisdom here.
This forum is one of the last bastions of free speech we have and has like minded individuals. Spirited discussion with respect is the catalyst we need.

thanks, shawn
Semper Fi,
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thin skin can't win
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No worries, but very kind of you. Trying time for many of us these days.

As you noted my flippant remark toward the OP didn't initially include his name, and I was also referencing a commercial from the actual event, which was also unlikely to land well if he'd not seen it.

I try to live by my CUT you bestowed a number of years ago.....

You only have integrity once. - imprezaguy02

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E tan e epi tas
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I, myself, have never let my frustrations get to me nor have I ever inappropriately lashed out at anybody. Roll Eyes Razz

Happens to the best of us. Believe me my wife knows it happens to me and the world has gotten to me something fierce as well.

"Guns are tools. The only weapon ever created was man."
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delicately calloused
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I understand the nagging conscience. It’s there for a reason but I think we all realize that men disagree and assert their perspective in unvarnished forms sometimes. I also understand the saturation. I’m sick of it and believe that more and worse is coming. I used to believe it could be corrected peacefully. I don’t anymore. To me that you are willing to sacrifice so we can have just one sanctuary from cultural rot shows selflessness. I believe you are a good man among good men under siege. Tempers flare and patience wears thin under siege.

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Semper Fi - 1775
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Thank you for saying that Para, I genuinely appreciate your recognizing that and saying something.


All it all you got.
For those who have fought for it, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know

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I am a terrible smartass and have little patience with damn near everything that goes on nowadays. But in this forum, I try to keep a civil tongue. I find that the members who regularly post on the various issues that confront us are worthy of my respect, no matter if they disagree with me or not. And Paras management keeps SF in a way that allows discourse with too much rancor detracting from whats being discussed.
Want proof? Spend time on other online forums and see the difference, no matter what the forums interests may be.

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IMHO, we are living in challenging times. In essence, everything is being challenged.

It is very difficult at times having been brought up with a decent set of values to be aggressively beaten with this WOKE, uber left, liberal mantra over and over on a daily basis without losing it.

No one is perfect.... sometimes losing it is good for the soul and lets people know where you stand.

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No apology necessary.
We grew up in a different time. What was acceptable is now challenged every day and there are days that I would like to lash out at what is happening to this country.
Do not feel bad when you say what you are thinking.

Living the Dream
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"No problem"

LOL! Sorry, a light hearted response with a stupid phrase that is way overused and needs to go away... IMO. Big Grin

You sir are undoubtedly a Scholar and a Gentleman. I suspected at the time you might be having a less then stellar day.

If it ain't woke... don't fix it.
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