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A friend's daughter and her family will be moving overseas in the near future (her husband is military).

My buddy, thinking he may want to go see them, got his passport out to see when it needed renewing. To his surprise, it had already expired. What's more, it expired over five years ago, so he now has to do the in person application all over again.

Myself, when it's time to renew my passport, I think I will also request the passport card to use for domestic flights when REAL ID is implemented. I hate the bureaucracy in Frankfort and really don't want to go thru the BS to get a REAL ID license.

What about it Sigforum, how many keep an up to date passport?
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Nope. I like it here just fine.
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Yes, I just renewed mine. It’s a lot easier to mess around with that then going through all the BS to get a real ID.

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I don't know man I
just got here myself
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Yup have mine on me now from seat 7L on United flight above the Pacific Ocean in route to Tokyo.


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Yes. Even domestically I use my passport as my ID at the airport.

Actually much easier to renew than trying to get a real id here in Illinois. I can just renew my license online.
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We updated ours last year and got one for the kid thinking we would go to Aruba during the summer….that didn’t work. We applied in March. Got them in sept or oct….

I’ve had a blue one since 1997 and was issued a red one in 98 for govt use, but I never used it and burned it when I left active duty.

My kid's only lasts five years and our (adult ones) are good for ten years.

We made him use it when we flew to fla and NC over the summer as an ID. He really got a kick out of being fancy enough to have his own Passport. (He’s 12).

Our TX DL are both Real ID already, and We don’t fly enough to have to deal with a passport card on top of everything else when the Real ID covers it.

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I don't have one. I have no intention of flying or floating in anything to anywhere, especially while disarmed. I guess I don't see the point of having one.
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Yes, I keep mine current. It's required for my work for one, but I also use it typically multiple times a year traveling internationally on my personal time as well. I also have the passport card which I use as a personal ID and flying domestically. I liked V-Tail's suggestion about using it since it doesn't have my home address on it, so I adopted that practice.

My daughters' passports are also kept current. My oldest is 5 and has already renewed it once. She got her first passport before she was 6 months old. My youngest daughter as well. Hey, it's the only way to see their grandparents.


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I haven’t renewed mine since the last one expired in the late 90’s when I changed jobs and overseas travel wasn’t as big a possibility. My wife’s passport is current, since she’s has traveled overseas with our older son to visit the younger son when he lived in Spain. Now that I’ve retired, foreign travel may be in myfuture, budget and or pandemic restrictions allowing. So I’ll apply for another passport sometime going forward.

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I have one. Renewed it some years back, I should check it.

I got it in 2005 when I went on a long trip and flew to Alaska, and flew while in AK several times.

I really didn't need it, but it is a good ID.

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No. Thanks for asking.

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Yes, in fact I’m going to renew mine this week.

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Nope. If I'm going to be going overseas, I'll know in plenty of time to apply for a new one.

No sense in paying over a hundred dollars just for it to sit around and expire.

(And if I were to need one ASAP for some unexpected reason, there's a passport center a couple hours away in Hot Springs that does in-person appointments where you get it same day, but only if you're traveling out of the country within the next 72 hours.)
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No passport at all. I anticipate no foreign travel in the near future.
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I've never had a passport. Never had any desire to travel overseas (other than to Hawaii for my sister's wedding about 26 years ago, but I don't think that counts). I took a month long driving vacation through Canada to Alaska back in 2000, before a passport was required to enter Canada. I'd like to do that again after I retire so I guess I'll have to get one then. I'm in no hurry at the moment though.
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Yep, good till 2028.

I renewed mine in 2018 when the whole Real ID thing started, even though I eventually got a real Real ID anyway. It really wasn't all that bad.

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Real ID for drivers license wasn’t much of an issue. Especially with a valid passport, passport card, global entry card, drivers license and CWP in South Carolina.

I have no intentions of traveling abroad since I retired in March. Did enough of that shit when I was working.

When my passport expires in 5 years I have no intention to renew it.

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Went to the Bahamas in 2019 so renewed right before that. Heading to Mexico next summer. If it expires that's fine, but I do plan to travel internationally every few years.

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We had them 20 years ago to go to Mexico, never renewed them. Traveled to Alaska and had no need. Had to get vaccinated to go to Alaska, but we were never asked for proof throughout the trip. Sad thing is, since the vaccinations my wife is having heart troubles. Heart rate dropping to 35 BPM at times

F'ed up system in my opinion!!


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