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Just out of curiosity but, thought it might be an interesting survey to see how members are eating this coming holiday.

Lots of different ways to cook a turkey, how are you cooking your bird this Thanksgiving?

Roasted, traditional
Roasted, spatchcock
Fried, deep
Fried, air frier
Slow Cooker/Instant Pot

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None of the above. Been using Reynolds cooking bags for years.

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Brined & baked
Was going to fry, but didn't want the oil expense. Maybe next year.

Neighbor is getting a brisket as no one really wanted turkey. She may be a genius.

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None of the choices.

We are three for Thanksgiving, going to get smoked turkey, gravy, and brisket from our favorite local BBQ place tomorrow afternoon, we'll make the sides and reheat the meat on Thurs.

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If I was cooking a turkey, it would be brined for a couple days and then slow smoked.

Instead it’s an aged ham (similar to prosciutto) pickled mushrooms, olives, fresh focaccia bread, risotto, and some creme brûlée for desert.

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Spatchcocked and smoked on my BGE. Will also separate light from dark meat, and remove each when done.

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Way too many folks headed over.

Option #2 on the bird; fast and easy. Also doing a very nice ham (not prosciutto nice Wink ).

I wasn’t gonna do anything… People are lucky to get some grub. There aren’t gonna be enough chairs.

I’m starting tomorrow w/ a heaping of eggs, bacon, biscuits and sausage gravy. Then side dishes for THU.

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On the Pellet Grill. This is from last year, 22 pounder so I had to split it to get the lid to close. This years is 16 pounds, a few less guests.

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24# bird, dry-brined, smeared and tucked with compound butter, spatchcock and smoked over pear wood on the 26” Weber kettle.
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Smoked on the weber with the rotisserie.
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Brined overnight, heavy pecan smoke for an hour or two (until it looks right), then finished in the oven.

Turns out perfect every year.

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If you don't mind, none of the above.

Ribs, brisket and enchiladas.
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Just my brother and I this year, plus 3 dogs. He's got a 12lb turkey breast that he's going to do on his Traeger.
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Traditional here. Best turkey I ever had was deep fried in bacon grease.
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Can’t stand turkey. Honey baked ham for the win. The only way my family can stomach turkey is Cajun fried.


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Spatchcocked it tonight. Little bit of kosher salt, and some of Meat Church Deeze Nuts Pecan rub. It will dry brine in the fridge for about 32 hours. Thursday about 9:30 it’ll come out of the fridge, and get injected with some Kelly Irish butter. Into the Yoder at 300 degrees, until the breast is 162 degrees. Then lunch.
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Big Green Egg indirect at 325. Definitely oak lump charcoal and probably with some cherry chunks thrown in. If I'm out of cherry, I'll use pecan chunks.

Probably 10 years ago, I took LMS's advice and bumped up my smoke temperature for poultry to get the skin just right (325 skin is order of magnitude better than 225 skin). He suggested 275 to 325, and I tried 325 first and it was perfect so I've stuck with 325.

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Doing the traditional in the oven this year because the Command Sgt Major of the War department has spoken.... But I prefer deep fried or oven cooked that has been injected with the flavor seasoning juices..... ............... drill sgt.
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we are goingto the In-laws for dinner.
My Brother In-law is Brineing and cooking the bird on his BGE
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None of the above

My son’s school is having a fund raiser, I give them $45 and they give me a smoked turkey.
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