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My beloved 17yo Australian cattle dog rescue went across the bridge today. I thought I would hold it together but that all went out the window. The vet, her staff and I all had a good cry. But they all came out and she was able to sit comfortably in the truck with her buddy, my other dog and went peacefully. So I am grateful for their caring effort on my pups behalf. Life won't be the same without her. Her and I spent just about every waking hour together that we could. My wife in her tears said "she loved you" and she did. "I will miss you Girlie".

I also want to thank the vet here who helped us a couple of years ago when she started to have some cognitive issues. I want to say the member was Slabsides, but I could be wrong. Anyway you provided some great advice which we took on supplements. That solved her issues and she lived without any of those issues until her time came. So Please accept my sincere thank you for that advice.

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I am sorry for your loss. 17 years sounds like a good and long life for you girl. She can go play w/ my Timber on the other side.


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Sorry to hear. Farewell good doggie. May well meet up on the other side of the rainbow bridge.
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Sorry for your loss. I have sent 3 so far. I have Brittanies and they only make it 13-15 years. Too short all of them.

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So sorry for your loss.


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I’m sorry your family had to go thru this, but not many get 17 yrs with a pet. She was loved.
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Oh no! My old heart goes out to you my friend…you mentioned rescue and that speaks volumes about you by giving your fur companion a good life…I am so sorry for her crossing over…I hope my girls, Kate and Jenny meet her with wagging tails.


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I am so very sorry for your loss.

Claire was waiting there to greet her.

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So sorry for your loss. Our Sadie that went over in December will keep her company till you see her again.

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I'm so sorry to hear that. My condolences.

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Mark, sorry to hear you lost your friend. That sucks. Best wishes to you.

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She gave you great companionship for all the time you have her.

My dogs are 7 years old and I've started to think about when they'll die and we look into each other's eyes.

I know they understand death; I was there when they saw their mother died. They whimpered then one of them was sobbing uncontrollably with no tears or sound, just her head bobbing up and down.

I look at them and wonder if they know chances are, they'll die before I do.

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Sorry for your loss, that is always a terrible thing when they are gone.

Bill, Drake, and Nemo will help her across the bridge!

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Very sorry.
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Sorry, a terrible thing to go through. They just don’t live as long as they should.

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I'm very sorry for your loss.

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My condolences going out to you.
I've cried countless times over the years, because my pets mean so much to me.

Do not be ashamed, it showed you cared a lot.

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Sorry to hear, ORC. You loved her and she returned it - that's the beautiful life with our furry kids. Prayers of comfort to you.

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Very sorry for your loss.

It's so hard, because we love them so much and they love us back.

The kindest thing we can do is not let them suffer...


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So sorry for your lose, but you will be joined again.
Only time helps heal the wound.
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