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Damned right I do.

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Not usually. I've made an exception for anyone displaying any support for Hamas.

OH, Bonnie McMurray!
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Yes, I do.
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I read the Sig Forum - nuf said.
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No. I judge the company or person by who they are, the content of their character, not political affiliation.

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My grandmother, who was born in “19 and 17” as she used to say, would tell me that she wouldn’t “trade” with those she didn’t agree with. There were many examples of that over the years in her presence, so I’m the same way.

My list is similar to others’ here, so I won’t waste time. But to put this in other words, I vote every time I purchase goods and services - to me, that is the ‘Merican way.

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I try my best to not support any Lee-Bore-Al entities. It is not always possible, but I try.

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No, not political affiliation.

If they make a product that I want and can afford and they don't take a stance on a specific topic that I find especially egregious, they get my money.

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My personal do not view/use/support in any manner list started with Jane Fonda and regrettably has grown over the years. My family invented the doctrine of " never forgive, never forget".
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Years ago, the top guy at Penzey’s Spice company called every Trump voter “racist” in one of his regularly published screeds.

I packed up every Penzey’s spice jar/package in my pantry in a cardboard box and returned them to the local Penzey’s store here in CT. I must have had $300 worth of that company’s spices. I probably spent a multiple of that amount over the years I did business with them.

Knowing that the clerk wasn’t responsible, I asked her to communicate with her employer that “I won’t have any relationship with anyone that calls me a racist. Please let your management know I won’t ever purchase a Penzey’s product ever again… nor do I want this company’s product in my house.”

The clerk said “I can understand”… which is somewhat surprising given CT’s deep blue politics.

That particular store is no longer operating in CT. Likely there are other reasons for its closure…. I feel sorry for any employee that may have suffered a job loss due to management’s politically-induced blindness.

I have no idea of what has happened to Penzey’s since. They are dead to me.


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Only if truly egregious. I don't care, within reason, how somebody votes, if they aren't a douche about it.

It is difficult to remain consistent. We don't like Bill Gates' politics, but it's pretty hard to have a computer work without Microsoft (Apple and other operating systems notwithstanding). We don't like Google's politics, but we don't stop using it for searches (to "google" has even become a verb for internet searching), let alone stop using YouTube or Android phones.
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General Motors. I drove GM products from the time I was eighteen, worked in dealerships forty seven years, 1970-2017. By 2012 I had enough of the “new” GM and their pandering, product choices, quality, kissing ass for the Chinese market and in certain cases how they spent our taxpayer funded bailout, things like closing and outsourcing many clerical functions overseas. That year I bought two FCA products. One of my coworkers said “They have problems too” to which I answered “But at least I’m not feeding the monster that I deal with daily.”

To the shock of a couple coworkers one day probably around 2005-7 timeframe I said “Those assholes need to go bankrupt and clean up their act”. I said at the time maybe they’d take a long hard look at themselves, right their wrongs and move forward. They still haven’t learned.

Kraft-Heinz Foods. John Kerry. His hypocrisy of flying around the world with his carbon footprint all the while telling us we need to freeze in the dark and not travel because we are,the,evil,polluters and his message is so important, well that’s different. I still remember that hypocritical prick from Detroit in 1971 at the Winter Soldier anti war protest. I believed in the right to protest the war and I was against it also. But to be onstage and protesting in a United States military uniform was wrong. The uniform meant something to me, it represented all who served, were wounded or died in the service of their country past,present and future. And it was a slap in their faces. And I could never forgive nor forget that.

Target has become a freak show. When the “female” clerk has a five o’clock shadow worse than mine, enough said. I’ve worked with gays over the years and when I was in management hired them also, all I cared about was could they do the job or not.

Dick’s, haven’t stepped in one for probably ten years

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I won't wear Levis as they are a very anti-American, anti-Boy Scout and anti-2nd Amendment.

I also don't shop at Dick's.
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I got a Best Buy gift card for my birthday. The dude that gave it to me has his birthday coming up. Guess what he is getting. I hate Best Buy because they judge me based on the color of my skin and they hate me for it.

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I try to buy American made; eat at non-chain businesses. Never drank a Bud-Lite so that was a nothing-burger for me. I did drop Gillette after their 'Toxic-Masculinity' debacle. Haven't bought a Scott paper product since they closed their U.S. plants. The only Levi's product I have is an olde light jacket from before they moved manufacturing out of the U.S. that I've fought and made many arrests in. I don't follow actors who use their 'stardom' to promulgate leftist messages or who use firearms in their movies but want to take away firearms from law abiding Americans (Stallone, Neeson.) I watch Aussie Rules Football which is twice the game American football is with real athletes.

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable...”
― H.L. Mencken

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I don't buy a lot of the "woke" brands because they make shitty products.

Don't like Bud Light (or Bud), Nike shoes are overpriced and fit me poorly, I hate Windows and only give Microsoft money for things I absolutely need (Office for Mac), Don't buy Gillette's overpriced "blade delivery systems", won't buy GM anything, won't buy Stellantis anything, generally hate shopping at Wal-Mart, don't like Coffee so Starbucks and all of them are out, hate Dick's sporting goods for destroying Galyan's which was a much much better store, and based near my house in the Indy suburbs. I'm also not going to buy an EV, don't pay anything to Disney and likely never will again now that my son is grown up.


I have owned and used Apple Macs since the early 90's, along with iPhones since 2010, and Apple TV since the days it looked like a Mac Mini. For electronics and optics I try to get Japanese (Sony, Denon, P.A. PLx and GLx) or Philippines, but a lot of stuff is made in China or with Chinese components so it's hard to avoid.

I still wear Levi's because I have forever and they fit. I still have Benchmade knives because they are the most left-handed friendly brand, although Hogue is getting much better at that, and I have Hogue-made Sig Legion and HK mini OTF knives. I switched to Harry's razors a few years ago before they started running "trans" ads with women shaving their faces, because they have one blade refill type (vs. dozens for the others) and the prices weren't too bad. When I run out of blades I might try Jeremy's.

And I still watch Robert De Niro movies. Pretty much can't watch any entertainment if you want to avoid leftists. But I do appreciate the few conservatives that stand up.
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To an extent, depends... Nike, Gillette, Bud, Starbucks: no skin off my nose, screw em. Going from Benchmade to Spyderco was a leap, but glad I did.

Now, Apple = I love their products. Amazon = very convenient. Target = close/convenient for me, nice clean store/customers (The opposite of Wallmart here)
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Originally posted by Speedbird:
To an extent, depends... Nike, Gillette, Bud, Starbucks: no skin off my nose, screw em. Going from Benchmade to Spyderco was a leap, but glad I did.

Now, Apple = I love their products. Amazon = very convenient. Target = close/convenient for me, nice clean store/customers (The opposite of Wallmart here)

Yep, Amazon is convenient and has stuff you can't get anywhere else, Target is better than Wal-Mart, but I just joined Costco so might not need to bother with Target much more. Then again isn't Costco "woke" too?

And Best Buy is really the only option around here for electronics. There was a Fry's but they died out, and I don't like buying electronics at Big Box stores because they are usually the cheaper stuff. Costco may change that but in the past I found that Costco sells "exclusive" models that are not easily compared to the regular lines.

Hell, my employer is "woke" too and is proud of their high ESG score and the executives are always parroting the leftist talking points about DEI, Racial Equity, LGBTQ+ rights, etc. Don't think I can find another large publicly held company to apply my expertise that would be much different though...
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I do my best but sometimes is unavoidable- for example almost all sub thousand dollar rifle scopes are made in china. Same with the red dots.
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I do my best.

No Walmart
No Starbucks
No Target
No Burger King or McDonalds. I rarely eat Subway.
No Beer that supports a woke agenda
No Black Rifle Coffee
No Smithfield hams or meat products.

I do use Amazon and Costco as being rural it is one hour round trip to a town with a walmart or similar store (we have Bi-Mart which is employee owned, and not as woke as Walmart). That hour driving plus time in store equates to dollars (150.00 an hour before taxes, insurances, and other fees taken out of my check by the government so I take home 30.00 per hour). This means a trip to town is a 250.00 expense plus whatever is purchased.
To go where there is a Best Buy, or a Men's Wearhouse, and other shops that is two hours round trip driving. We use for most of our Costco purchases so that eliminates time on the road and in the store. When one of us goes to the town where Costco is for an appointment we will stop in for the items we can't get online.

I prefer using the small local companies and even Ace Hardware over Home Depot, Walmart, and other big box stores.

More blessed than I deserve.
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