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I remember. I was in the Navy stationed in Hawaii and working swing shifts at the com center. Buddy woke me up and said the president has been killed. We went on 12 on 12 off for about a week.

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I was a sophomore in HS at the time and in biology class. The teacher told us to be quiet and pay attention, then told us what happened. School was closed for the rest of the day. Something I'll never forget.



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I was walking home from elementary school.

Some girl ran by upset yelling that the president has been shot.

It was so out of context I didn't get it until I got home and saw the news
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I was in the library at School about 7-8th grade, when the announcement was made.

Where I grew up the suburban area ( Park Ridge/Chicago far north side) was almost exclusively hard core Republican ( hard to believe now).
Kennedy was NOT highly regarded and our parents( almost all former GI's from WWII/ Korea/ Great Depression/ WWI ) instilled that feeling in us kids.Other than the curiosity of the assassination, nobody was overly distraught by his death. Many of my friends brothers were being sent to Vietnam ( by Kennedy in secret). I recall many GI's hated Kennedy for experiences they encountered in Vietnam and Laos. The Kennedy "Royal Family" image was constantly put in our face by the media, this further developed the dislike for the Kennedy clan in my area.
Most were not that upset by Kennedy's death but more by the fact that our President had been killed.Johnson taking office was no comfort.
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I was also in 3rd grade. Our teacher, Miss Southworth (secretly admired by all the boys) tried to hold it together but ended up in tears. We were in the DC area, with memories of the Cuban Missle Crisis, so classes were let out early and it was a tense time.

One of the days I have clear memory of from childhood.
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I was in the first grade. I remember school being released early. My sister picked me and her son up who was also in the first grade.

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Too little for JFK, but I remember RFK’s TV funeral.
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Originally posted by NOCkid:
It was a Friday. I was home sick from school in second grade, and mom was watching the Mike Douglas show when they interrupted about noon to announce that President Kennedy had been shot. About an hour later his death was reported.

I was in sixth grade and was also sick and stayed with an aunt at her house as both my parents worked. She woke me up to tell me that the President had been shot.

I was watching when his death was announced. It was surreal to me even then.

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4th grader here. We were all herded into gym and told. Sent home early. Mom crying when I got home. Still remember how big a deal it was.
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I was 10, in the 5th grade and we were lined up in our classroom waiting to go to the bus to go home.
The principal would come on the PA system to tell each grade when to go outside. When he did, he said there was news from Dallas TX that the President had been wounded but no mention of how serious.
After I got home my mother arrived and said it was reported he was dead.
That started days of watching the only channel we could tune in back then, CBS and Walter Cronkite.
Since everything was on film back then, the news and images were quite delayed compared to todays almost instant news.
For those that weren't around back then, you should watch the movie Parkland that tells of the events at the hospital so you can get an idea of how things happened back then.
A few days later and we had the Oswald shooting. Another event that's hard to understand if your reference is more recent times.

In the late 90's I was in Dallas for a while on business and was able to go to the 6th floor museum.
The displays were interesting but to see it in real life was a bit of a shock. Particularly the distances and perspective, compared to what you see on TV. Everything is much closer than how it looks through a camera lens.
The shots, especially with a rifle with a scope- easy. When the car first turned into Dealey Plaza it was crossing right below him and moving side to side and would have been more difficult, even at about 75 feet away. As it continued down the street it was much easier because it was basically going almost straight away in his vision and moving slowly.

I wasn’t watching TV at the time but the afternoon soaps were on.


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I was 5 at the time, and had no concept of what the President even was or what his assassination meant to the country. The only memory that sticks with me is seeing the funeral procession on TV.
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I was in 2nd or 3rd grade when this happened. I did see him in person when he was campaigning in Detroit, I was about 10 feet from him.
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I remember, he’s famous only because he was assassinated.
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I was a sophomore in High School. I was in study hall when an announcement that all students and faculty were to report to the gymnasium. I remember like it was yesterday.

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Was in 2nd grade in parochial school. Mother superior came in and announced the president was dead. Sister Mary Ann then has us pray the rosary and stations of the cross the rest of the afternoon.
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Originally posted by Marlin Fan:
I remember, he’s famous only because he was assassinated.

^Eh?? He also:

...was a PT boat commander (including PT-109, of which a movie was made).
...faced the Cuban Missile Crisis.
...started the Navy SEALS.
...started the Peace Corp.
...slept with Marilyn Monroe (and a few others).
...was a Kennedy.

...and a lot more I can't remember at the moment.

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I was in Mrs. Henry's 4th grade class at Pinehurst Elementary School in Salisbury, MD. The principal made an announcement and directed teachers with tv's to turn them on. There were a limited number of B&W tv's in the school. We had one in my classroom. Kids from other classes came in and stood as we watched the news. Not sure if school was let out early. I walked home as normal and found my mom crying and watching the news.
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i was 13 when President Kennedy was assassinated. I also remember it clearly. I found out in class via an intercom announcement. Classroom instruction ceased after the announcement. I remember how sad we were. But also, being 13 year old boys, I remember us trying to top each other with descriptions of what we would do to the guy who did it. I still remember my contribution to the discussion. I was going to kick the guy in the balls, then tear his arm off and beat him to death with the bloody stump.
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I was 4 years old at the time. I remember my Mother watching the news and crying.

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I was one week short of my eighth birthday when it happened. We were living in a Chicago suburb. Our third grade class was watching Bozo's Circus during the lunch hour when WGN news director John Carmichael cut into the program and announced that Kennedy had been shot. An hour later, our entire elementary school was let out and we all walked home.

Fast forward to 1987, when I joined the Dallas Police Department. Over the next 23 years, I got to know a lot of veteran officers who had been with DPD on that day, several of whom I became friends with---including J.D. Tippet's best friend on the Department.

The stories I heard....
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