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Anyone here do any magnet fishing? What magnet do you recommend?

Any tips or suggestions for a beginner?

Looking at getting into this, something for me and my oldest son to do together.

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100’ of cord. Magnet from Lowe’s….maybe a hundred pound pull. That’s what I did.took the kid to a dock and a river where people fish.

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There is a number of youtubes on this. Amazon has all kinds of magnets you can read the reviews. I like like using .095 or .105 round trimmer line.
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I watch a guy that goes by Bondi Treasure Hunter on facebook and i think also youtube. He is a hoot and really gets after it with some strong magnets.

Think i have watched hours of his magnet fishing videos. 100’ds of bikes, motorcycles, scooters, safes, coins and tons of junk.
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My son is a fearless magnet fisherman, trolling the waters around NOLA. So far he has recovered 2 pistols and a safe, as well as all kinds of trash. He get his supplies from Amazon. I fear it is a matter of time before an alligator eats his magnet. And him , too.

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So the advice is summed up as "bring enough magnet?" I suspect much of the "catch" is "released" right back in the lake for the next guy to find.
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