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Don't think there is a more gun friendly state than AZ but water and fire issues are spooking the wife, SO off to South Carolina we go. Closer to family, nice to see some green and rain. Get back to gardening and fishing.

SC concealed carry permit looks to be a pain, but they honer AZ and LEOSA so I'm good for awhile.

Greenville/Spartanburg area.

Any members there with input/suggestions?

Thought I would die here in AZ so I have a massive Liberty safe. Moving guy says noway, so will sell it and replace (I hope) there.
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Unless you are inside the city, most of the rural south is very gun friendly and the city is likely to be in many places.
Sounds like you are legal in any case so you shouldn't have much to worry about.

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You should have no issues in the GSP area of SC.

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NC and SC have been traditionally behind the states like TN, GA, FL, AL, Miss, Missouri etc when it comes to be more pro gun historically. They’re coming around some and I have no problem traveling with my TN permit nor did I with my GA permit when I had one. Look out for the SC and NC senators though, they appear to be RINOS in the latest anti gun legislation.
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I grew up in Spartanburg during the 1970's and early 80's. Back then, almost every business owner had a .38 special in a drawer or purse, and many business professionals (architects, lawyers, even dentists) carried a Browning High Power or S&W model 39 in their briefcase. At 15 years old, I carried a Colt Govt model .45 in the woods as protection from poisonous snakes, and no one thought it unusual. The current social culture in Spartanburg/GSP may be a bit different today than it was 40 years ago, but these good folks all grew up with guns as important tools. My experience in South Carolina has always been that if you're polite and discreet, concealed carry is accepted very broadly.
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I'd make another run at getting the safe moved. It's a challenge for them but can be done. I'd point out that it was somehow "moved" to it's current location.
I have the largest safe I could get at Basspro. It got moved with the rest of my stuff.
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SC is very pro-criminal, compared to the Western states.
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I went to the Carolinas once to pick up a puppy, and had to go through security again at the airport to catch my return flight. The security personnel were hilarious- they just said “ladies, check your purses, gents check everywhere else; I can’t tell you how many times a day I have to pull somebody out of line because they forgot to put their gun in the safe at home before they came out here today to fly somewhere else…” so I would have to say VERY gun friendly. Nowhere else in the world have I flown that the security has issued such a statement. We were all chuckling.


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SC is very pro-criminal, compared to the Western states.

A guy and girl tried that fill up your garbage bag and go at the local kohls. Got blocked in in the parking lot and roughed up a little by several people. I believe they were quite happy to see the police arrive.
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I’ve split between SC and TX for decades.

Truthfully, I think I’d rather be on trial for self-defense in Miami or San Antonio, than in SC.
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When I moved to Arizona years ago I had a problem getting someone to move the safe, so I gave it to a friend and bought a new one as soon as we moved in our house.

Seems not too many movers want to move an 1,100 pound (empty) safe.
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I've spent a little time working in Spartanburg a couple of times over the past few years. The people are friendly and the cost of living seems low.

That being said I don't think South Carolina is as gun friendly as their neighbors North Carolina, Tennessee or Georgia.

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My coworker is from SC. He says SC is full of "halfways" which are people from the NE who moved to FL but it was too far away so the moved halfway back.

Doesn't affect gun laws for a while, but as time goes on the "halfways" are likely to demand more laws like they had back home and elect like-minded politicians. Also, the type of people you don't want on a self-defense jury.

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While SC is more gun-friendly than states further north, the picture is probably changing in the more urban areas, such as Charleston County, due to the influx of people from the Northeast, and surprisingly, California and parts of the Midwest around the Lakes. In the Charleston area more places are posted. Until this spring, when I did my LEOSA qualification, all I had to do was show up and produce my retired LEO credentials, but recently those of us under LEOSA have been informed we must now produce a criminal history current within the past week, in order to be allowed to do our annual qualification (note: this may be County specific).
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Slight thread drift, the "upstate" area of SC is very pretty. If you enjoy the outdoers, there is plenty to do. I spent a couple of years there, and am now down in the Aiken area.

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Currently live in SC...for the last 5 years. The state is friendly...places like Columbia (the capital) is not.

We have concealed carry--8-hr class is required, plus a range requirement. If you have a DD214, both are waivable. I took the class because a friend of mine wanted to get his permit and didn't want to go alone. In all, it depends on where you take the class. The class I took was full of Fudd anecdotes...but we fulfilled the requirement.

As of last year, we were allowed to Open Carry...but only if you had a concealed carry permit. Makes sense, right? Only in Columbia. We were a handful of votes away from Constitutional carry...but the usual suspects thought they would lose tourism money if "everyone carries a gun".

All in all, not a bad place to live in regards to gun laws. But the I'm in the midland part of the state (about 40 miles from Columbia)
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SC here also.

I have taken and received my concealed carry in Texas, Utah and SC over the last 30 years or so.

Texas and SC were very similar, but I think Texas at the time was a little tougher. Less shooting but more classroom time there. SC as previously said one day of class and the next day shooting.

UT was a joke, a couple of hours of classroom time and zero shooting. Instructor had us all bring our pistols/revolvers, why I do not know as not a single shot was fired. There were people there that had never shot a gun, getting their license. Maybe that is different now.

All in all I would say SC is just as gun friendly as Texas. I have had no issues.
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Live up n Spartanburg county. We have one of the most conservative, gun-friendly Sheriffs in the southern US.
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I can’t advise you on the gun friendly question. I will tell you it may cost you more to move the safe than it’s worth. I say sell it in AZ and buy another one in SC. Good luck with the move.

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