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Always liked the guy. Like many of you, I've been binging Youtube vids of his comedy. I've been replaying the one of him telling Sarah Silverman "That sounds like some fuckin' Commie gobbledy-gook" and laughing my ass off.

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Charles Hurt — Norm MacDonald’s Legacy: Not Pandering to the Secular Socialist Status Quo

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I always subscribed and watched "I'M not Norm" on YouTube.
Been watching a bunch more clips lately and tributes.

What I loved about Norm is his impeccable timing.

He starts out rambling, slow, you get frustrated and think "where is this all going?" then WHAM it all comes together perfectly and it finishes by hitting smack dab in the face.
Beautiful. Smile
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This is the Conan clip I have been looking for.

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I remember watching Norm on Weekend Update. Such a legend. He got fired from SNL for telling too many OJ jokes, then they invited him to host the show about a year later, and all he did was OJ jokes.

It was a shock because no one knew that he'd been fighting cancer for years. He wanted to keep it private because he didn't want sympathy. My uncle passed away last year in a similar way in that he never told anyone or talked about his illness.

Mad respect to Norm. They don't make them like that anymore. RIP.
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I must be the only one who did not know who he was. Cancer is a horrible way to die, and I'm very sorry he had to go through that. My prayers for his family and his fans. RIP


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This is my personal favorite:

Norm Gives Conan Tonight Show Send-off.
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Conan touches on it, at times Norm was at his funniest saying things that weren't funny. And the fact that it wasn't particularly funny, and he said it anyway was what was funny. There are things he said that were funny at their base, but he would tell them in awkward unfunny ways, rather going the straight forward route to it, and that's what made is so funny.

A very telling thing about his influence on people, sort of a "silent popularity" he had. After he died, I had four people I know mention it to me. Four people I never would have expected. Four people that I can't recall them ever mentioning any other person passing (that we didn't know personally), that says a lot.
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RIP Frown

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I've posted this before, but it's one of my favorite jokes.

"Ninja kick the damn rabbit"
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I like how he ruts on Andy Richter and Andy embraces it, only to be foiled.
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I think I will be watching Norm's talk show bits and other stuff from the last 20 years for a long time. I stopped watching TV shows regularly about 20 years ago so I hadn't really seen what he's done since the 90's.
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