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Years ago, I met Carroll Shelby. He didn't remind me much of Matt Damon.
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Great movie. Whole family went today and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Great performances by Damon and Bale.

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Saw it tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bale was great and Damon wasn’t bad. I wasn’t distracted by him at all.

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Saw it last night and thought it was really good.

Was long but one of those movies where you don’t even realize it, movie trailers started at 8 pm, then I checked my phone at the end expecting it to be 10 pm and was like “holy shit it’s 11 pm!”

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Saw it on IMAX tonight. Wow! Highly recommend this if you live near an IMAX screen.
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Saw it last night as well. I knew some of the history, but it had happened before I was born.

My wife, who is not into cars or racing at all, enjoyed it as much as I did. As another member said, it is a long movie, but you don’t realize it.

I give it two thumbs up.

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I saw this last night as well. It was so popular in my area, I couldn't go to the theater of my first choice as the only seats left were for the front row.

It had been so long since I've gone to a movie, I didn't realize general admission seems to be a thing of the past. Reserved online for theater number two and quite enjoyed the film.

Apparently the rest of the audience enjoyed it as well as there was a lot of clapping as the credits rolled.

I knew the history, so there were no surprises. I thought that the film was generally pretty well done.
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Just got home from watching.

Enjoyed it very much. Really well done, IMO.

Watched a few documentaries on the subject recently, so still had the story pretty fresh in my mind. Definitely recommend The 24 Hour War if you want a good documentary on it.

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Saw the movie last night, really enjoyed it, definitely worth seeing.

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Saw it with my ex's husband.....good guy

Anyway as a youth who grew up worshiping at the Shelby altar ( even liked the CST....but not the Dakota) it was just fun seeing all those Cobras (replica or not) in one place and the GT40 being driven as I am sure Ken drove it....

Good race scenes....made me laugh jokes were said... just a happy laugh.

The Blue GT40 with the orange wheels ....well will be in my dreams Big Grin

Good movie
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Wife and I enjoyed this movie very much.

Go see it.

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I have not seen the movie yet.

I found a documentary on Ford vs Ferrari on Netflix last night.

Interesting show...

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Good movie. Wife really liked it too.

Possible spoiler alert:

While I knew some of the history, what I didn't know (if true and not Hollywoodized) was that Shelby put his company on the line to Ford so Miles could drive. Ballsy.

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Wife and I saw it this week. I'm somewhat of a motorhead and she's not but we both really enjoyed it. The movie took some liberties with the actual events but not so many that it ruined the overall story.
As to those who questioned the casting, I though Damon did very well as Shelby and Bale was superb as Ken Miles. They really seemed to capture the essence of the characters as I've read and thought of them. I don't care a bit about the actors' politics - I go to movies to be entertained and I was with this movie. The race scenes, while probably overly dramatized, were exciting and well done. I actually found myself "leaning into corners" with the in vehicle camera views. Smile

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Same story here, the wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Did not realize how long it was till I got home. And I needed to pee about halfway through the end race.

I actually thought the Le Mans race was a little over the top regarding all the crazy crashes and so many not finishing, DNF'ing constantly. Then I read up on all the crap I forgot.

It wasn't over the top.

I knew this all as a kid, I just forgot how dangerous this stuff really was.

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I made the 'pit stop' when they arrived at Le Mans as I assumed it was the best shot of not missing anything.

2 huge iced teas may have been a poor choice for a movie (Star Cinema Grill)

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Saw it this weekend. Very enjoyable. Matt Damon played a great role. Can’t believe it was as long as it was. Went by quickly.
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Originally posted by sigspecops:
I want this to be good but I'm afraid they may have dramatized it too much. The actors may surprise me, I'll try to be open minded. I'm not sure why Matt Damon would want to be in a movie about gas guzzling, air polluting race cars. Shouldn't he be in something about renewable soy/electric/solar powered mass transit vehicles?

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Wife and I went and saw it yesterday and both loved it. Learned a whole lot too including how intense the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari had become and why. I am not a big fan of Matt Damon but thought he did a good job. These days it would be next to impossible to see any new movie without someone in it or director, producer, etc that has political views that one does not like. Hollywood is about 95 percent leftists liberals. That does not stop us from going to the movies we like and enjoying them.

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Saw it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great movie that got most of the history right with a couple of gaffes. Bale did a great job as Ken Miles. Some of the in car scenes of him driving and making commentary had me laughing out loud. Damon did alright as Carroll Shelby. But the whole time I was thinking I was watching Matt Damon and not believing it was Carroll Shelby. It's movie I really want to own on Blue Ray so I can still frame some of the garage shots and look at the Cobras, GT-350's and Daytona Coupes in the background.

As far as a soundtrack, nothing beats the sound of an American V-8 at 7,000rpm.

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