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The show is making the rounds again.

The death of Reggie Love

The image is flipped horizontally.
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Little ray
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I enjoyed the show. Some of it was just because it shows Times Square and that area pre-Guiliani, which is the way it is in my mind. I remember thinking how seedy and dirty it was in that neighborhood when I was ten years old.

But it is also a well done show. Good writing, and some good performances.

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Hop head
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I stopped watching it (schedule related and I did not take the time to pull up on hbogo) after they opened the bordello, and Maggie G's character was doing more in porn,

will have to catch up,
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I enjoyed the series. The characters are complex and complicated. It demonstrates quite well that many street people do not fit the stereotype we expect. Good humor at unexpected times.
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It's officially back Para.

Lots of T&A with a little murder mixed in for the season opener.

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Chip away the stone
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This fell off my radar before I ever started season 1. Thanks for the reminder. I just finished season 2 of Ozark and am ready to start watching another series.
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