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They most likely just fit a green or blue sleeve over the finger. Then they can remove it in post-production.

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There is a scene where they are loading up with armor piercing rounds. Didn't John ask for safe passage to Casablanca? It would seem to travel so far just to see a lot of night shooting and the desert. They could have saved a bunch of money and shot on a set. Liked the twist with the horses and motorcycle scenes.

Overall JW3 was entertaining and I will probably go see it again!!
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We Redboxed Wick 1 & 2 yesterday to eat up a rainy Saturday. 1 wasn’t too bad but 2 was way to far out. We wouldn’t dream of spending money on 3.

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^^^^ That would be a mistake. 3 was a much better movie than 2 but I enjoyed that as well.
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Wick 3 was very entertaining!! My oldest son and I went 2 weeks ago. It was loud, gun shots and dogs destroying bad guys loins. Classic John Wick. Love it! 3 was better than 2!!

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The next one will be out 2021

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