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and every one of them words rang true and glowed like burnin’ coal.
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A buddy of mine introduced me to “Letterkenny”. It is the show that I’m currently obsessed with.

It’s a comedy based in a small, rural Canadian town called “Letterkenny” and follows the lives of a few of their citizens.

Hulu has recently picked it up, but only has the first of five seasons. I’d heard that they just started filming season six.

They characters are comical and the dialog is fantastic.

Anyone else watching?
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Originally posted by TannerBoyl:

...Anyone else watching?

Nope, but one of my pals used to work at the ammo depot in the other Letterkenny (PA).
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I started watching it on torrent when it first came out b/c a friend in Canada recommended it.
I LOVE Letterkenny. It's hilarious.

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Thanks for the tip. Will have to check it out.

We just finished binge watching another Canadian one called The Republic of Doyle. It's set in St. John's, Newfoundland and is a comedic detective show. Get's a little soapy at times but good fun. 6 seasons of that, too.

You'll do a double take and ask yourself what a Hollywood A-lister is doing in one of the plotlines through several episodes.

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OMG...I just stumbled upon this and loved it...the writing is great!

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Ive just started watching Letterkenny-the dialogue and “chirpin” is hilarious. Smile Letterkenny NSFW

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No worries!
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I’m a fan as well, was quite happy that Hulu finally picked it up even if just for a few seasons.

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