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Just mobilize it
So I absolutely loved the show back in the 90's. Prolly my favorite tv show ever. Casting perfect. Lighting and sound perfect. Dialogue perfect. Storyline close to perfect IMHO. Hated to see it go, but it had run its course. Fast forward to 2016, season 10. 6 episodes, most of which I liked, though not as great as the original. Of course how could it be, actors are all 20 years older and it's tough to make up a new storyline that's as enthralling, especially with 6 episodes. It was sort of a tester I believe and people are it up and asked for more. Of course we had to wait another 2 whole years and here we are. Now let me get this straight, I will always love the X-Files and will watch every new episode, though these new ones thus far (2 episodes in out of total 10 this season) are not what I expected.

I feel like they are trying to make them more agile and bad ass than they ever were in terms of fighting and gun handling. Tonight's episode they killed more bad guys than they did in entire previous seasons. Also, I'm not digging how they are writing Skinner's character. He was their friend as has been through a lot with them now all the sudden they don't trust each other again? Why?

I always liked the episodes filmed in Vancouver with the forest scenery and the dark nature backgrounds. Was perfectly eerie and creepy much of the time. I'm not sure where they film nowadays, but the scenes just aren't set up the same. And it seems that the actors are trying too hard whereas prior it was so much more smooth and natural. I don't know, perhaps I'm missing something or not interpreting correctly. I'm just venting I guess.

I'm hopeful that I'll start to like the season more as it unfolds. I really ended up liking a few episodes from season 10 in 2016 as much as any of the old ones so there is hope yet for 2018's season. Other than finding their son William though I'm hoping for some good old monster of the week episodes and to get away from the main story arc.

Anyone else watching? What are your takes from it thus far?
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The second episode was much better than the first but not without some serious problems. Or maybe I'm expecting them to pull the rug out from under me. Again.

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Supposedly Gillian Anderson has said this is it for her, Quitting after this season. So far the story line plays to me like they are writing the end of the series. I too would love some more monster of the week shows.

Regards, Kent j

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Just mobilize it
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As much as I thought I'd hate it to end for good I'm all for them wrapping it up this season.
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A Grateful American
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Yep. It's gone to the birds.

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I like the old X-files, this season is a sleeper so far..

Regards, Will G.
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Always will been an X Files fan. Been with it since the beginning. I remember going to an X Files convention back in the 90’s. Skinner and the Lone Gunmen were there.

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I am a fan. While I enjoy the alien storyline, I liked the other unrelated stories.
Two good ones stand out: "Home" and one where there are creature's in the woods that have camo like the Predator.

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We've watched the first two new episodes. Having never seen any of the previous stuff, I can't compare. But I haven't disliked these, and will continue watching.

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So this is it? I haven't started it yet buy sounds like ill be able to multi task through it and not miss much
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They're squeezing this dry and ruining it in the process.

Gotta get every last cent they can out of this. Roll Eyes
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