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I enjoyed it. It was easy to shut off for an hour and thirty and just laugh at goofy shit.
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I watched it and, pretty much agreed with everyone in this thread. I too, thought about quitting. But I managed to make it through to the end.

My wife and I have been talking about an observation for years, most especially after Bridesmaids. That many of the modern 'situation' comedies seem to be trying to top one another to see which one can go past the joke the farthest. And be the crudest.

Make no mistake I am forever 14 when it comes to a great deal of crude humor. I have to come right out and own that, I think. I am speaking more about comedic timing. A great deal of it is funny as hell to me. They just don't know where the line should be. When to stop and go on to another bit. So they just keep milking till it's far beyond spent, ad nauseum. Today's audiences seem to like it. Most older folks it seems, endure through it. Sometimes even acting as if it's not bad, like some bad show their grandkid is in.

So I watched it all. And told my wife she shouldn't bother unless she is ready to raunch.

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Seems to be a trend, almost bailed early, soldiered on. Typical Happy Madison production, just enough laughs to not be a total wash. Less offensive than recently viewed "The Shape of Water" which found me cursing at it throughout.

I couldn't place Lauren Lapkus, oh yeah, "Orange is the New Black".

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I made it about half hour, then stopped.

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You nailed it. It takes a joke and then keeps going in an attempt to be the most crass, the most cringeworthy, the most outrageous. By then it isn’t funny though.
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