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I run their 9mm in my Uzis with Zero issue.

However, since my Steyr AUG 9mm runs better with NATO 9mm, I've had a couple failures using Wolf so I avoid it in that one.

Will try again once that's had it's first thousand rounds.

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I've fired a few cases of wolf 7.62x39 through an sks and a few AKs over the years with no problem. Also fired several hundred rounds of Wolf .45ACP through a P220, P220EL and Ruger SR1911, also without a problem.

Ran 7-800 rounds of Tulammo in various 9mm pistols. No problems. Then it choked 3 pistols in the same range trip (shield, P320, G19). FTFeed. Dont know if I hit a new lot # or what. Still runs fine in my Ruger PCC.
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I have and will continue to buy it. No regrets here.
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I have used a lot (in excess of 10,000 rounds, maybe more than 20,000 rounds) as I used to shoot a lot of 3 gun, IDPA, and USPSA) of Wolf steel cased 5.56 and 9mm. It is fine. In general, I would say it was better than most cheap ammo in terms of reliability, especially in my 9mms. The only (formerly) cheap 9mm I liked better was Blazer Aluminum.

I have used less of the various other brands of commie ammo, and it was also fine.

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My only problem with wolf is the cat piss smell.

Shoots fine though. I've had to add magnets to my brass sorter to keep them out of rotation though.

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My only problem with wolf is the cat piss smell.

Typical of all Russian powder. Years back a friend bought pulled 4895 equivalent Russian powder. Had the same smell.

Years back they ran tests at the Sig Academy using steel cased ammo. The wear was substantially greater. But the numbers were probably higher than the majority of owners would ever see.

I've used their primers in the past and both worked fine. Unfortunately it seems components from those areas have stopped being imported.

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No I do not.

Niech Zyje P-220

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It's running around $0.50/rd now - I am morally opposed to using it let alone pay those prices.................

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Just seen a guy pay $76 for a box of 50 Tula 9mm on one of the local online auction houses. Lots of ammo starting to show up at these auction places as people are willing to pay crazy ass prices. I must say I have been tempted to throw 500 or 1000 rounds of 9mm up for auction myself watching it go at those prices.

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