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Originally posted by Brewer3401:
Been using TW25B because SIG recommended it. Now SIG recommends Lucas.
One of my guns (P226) has over 27,000 rounds through it and the frame has no visible wear, other than a couple of shiny spots on the top about an inch from the front - using TW25B
I'm open to anything better.
I use CLP to clean, then use 91% rubbing alcohol to degrease, then the TW25B.
Anyone see any potential problem with this procedure, please advise.

Just read your post today. What I do is reversed from your cleaning technique. I clean with alcohol first, then clp tthen the grease.
Why do you use clp first befor the alcohol?
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How about Mobile 1 synthetic grease. I have a new Spartan 1911 I want to treat right!
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When oil is mentioned for the slide & rails, the answer is usually, "it's not thick enough/doesn't stay put", or "it's a cleaner".
Not much, if anything, has been said about the use of thick oils, such as Slip 2000 EWL 30.
Wilson used to make a thick oil, but not sure if they still do?
I tried some of the EWL 30 on my Dan Wesson A2 1911, and although I haven't got above 100 rounds in a session, the results are positive.
My plan is to continue using the EWL 30, and keep an eye on it as I increase the round count, to ensure that the oil is staying put.
It's a little easier to clean up oil, as opposed to grease, so as long as it stays wet, all should be fine.

How many of you like the heavy oils?
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Originally posted by titus66:

How many of you like the heavy oils?

I use grease but you remind me of something I've had for decades. It's a very heavy oil designed for bike sprockets and chains, not supposed to be thrown off by the rotation and movement. It's called Phil's Tenacious Oil.

I can't speak to its performance in very hot or cold conditions, it could be an interesting alternative. Maybe someone else familiar with it or similar products could chime in.

*edit* I see it's still available on ebay, not sure if it's still the same formulation. I do remember the stuff I had performed as advertised.

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