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I have found myself going the other way, last three purchases P226, 92FS & P229. I echo Jerry's comments as far as administrators not wanting to spend the time & ammo $ for training. I had twenty years on the job before I really "mastered" the da/sa pull (thanks opsec trng). My first shot out of the holster with a da/sa is my most accurate whereas it use to be my mulligan.

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I love my Sig Legions; I shoot one or more of them almost every range session. That said, my primary carry pistol is a Glock because even my G20 is thinner than my Legion P229 (and I carry OWB).
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All kidding aside... It's a great time to be BUYING 226's and 229's as the market is full of surplus police guns and cheap prices.

As far as the cop world is concerned, your friend is probably right. Everyone is moving to striker fired plastic guns with light triggers (P320, M&P 2.0, etc).

p.s. It's going to be interesting to see if the incidence of "glock leg" increases with all these departments leaving the DA/SA and going to light trigger striker guns.

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Jones for the win!
Strikers grew in popularity with LE because:
Glock undercut everyone in price.
Poor quality recruits, especially females (Yikes! Non PC) could not master DA/SA.
Police Depts would not train the DA/SA gun adequately.

For the most part, it was all about the $$$.
I was firearms instructor when the striker gun transition was gaining ground. Glock went full press to get their guns into cops holsters. They were so cheap that most admin types just could not turn them down.
Does this mean the Glock is a bad gun? Nope. Its a great gun. But better or more suitable for cops? Maybe not.
And often I would see someone doing some really stupid stuff with a striker gun, like holstering with the finger still on the trigger. I would ask why that person chose a striker gun. Often, the response was "because the cops have them".
Is DA/SA dead? I doubt it. You may see less of them but they wont go away. The striker success is largely due to good marketing.

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While I believe the DA/SA, etc. pistols and revolvers will always be around, plastic striker-fired pistols do seem to be this giant,ever rising, wave washing older metal pistols of all types aside. I was an LE firearms instructor and armorer, and have may some small insight into why the striker fired guns dominate there, and with the public too. They are easier to train with,i.e., no DA/SA to learn, no decockers, no manual safety unless agency or individual buyer wants it, etc. The plastic guns are CHEAPER. This is obviously a Big One for both LE agencies and individual buyers. I realize some foreign manufacturers produce relatively inexpensive metal pistols popular with individual buyers. On the LE procurement side though, these are not likely to be considered for agency purchase, or authorized for individual officer purchase and carry.

I am the tiniest drop in this Tsunami of plastic. I am not a particular fan, but admit I do have one plastic striker-fired pistol that my Dept. allowed me to buy for $1.00 when I retired. My last couple of purchases though, have been very old-tech, single action, metal pistols. I realize I am behind the power curve in buying these though, because I could probably have bought a half dozen or so plastic striker-fired pistols with swell accessory rails, lights, LASERs, maybe even optional skull crushers, for what these costWink

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I like da /sa 228's are one of my favorites, but after shooting them for 25 years and never really mastering it, I went to the dark side g19 and just like that I can shoot groups never dreamed of before.

is it me ? sure it is I have never had any formal training and probably would get laughed off the range next to most of you but it works for me.
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Not by a long shot Wink

The odds will be what the odds will be... so... "Send it"
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Hard to beat a tuned DA/SA hammer fired gun. Place it into the hands of a skilled user and its all over.

The DA/SA Posse will ride forever.


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As an aside, I f*cked up my right arm at work back in September and my shooting skills have suffered a result. I'm naturally left handed but shoot with my right hand as my right eye is dominant. My right arm still sucks, so I' going to train my left to shoot, and the 320 seems a good platform.
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Where large city departments are monthly recruiting academy classes of 70+ and graduating 40+ and having been on the job with the demographic needed to support that number, DA/SA (or Revolvers) vs. Striker fired pistols wasn't faulty logic. I suppose there is a case to made that some large dept. Glocks have a NY pull help prevent ND's in the heat of the moment so perhaps it is what is and times have changed. I suspect budgets favored the Striker fired vs. DA/SA. I also own several Glocks in addition to a lot of old school metal as well.
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Originally posted by jljones:
If you are going to suck, you will suck less with a striker fired gun. The length of pull is less so it gives the retard less time to fuck up the shot when they stare at the target, snatch the trigger to the rear, all the while pushing the gun downward, and then blaming the low left hit on their sights being off.

Originally posted by jljones:
The arguments against the DA/SA always boil down to "I can't do it, so it can't be done".

Where is the 'LIKE' button?

I'll use this instead ... Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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Originally posted by piedrarc:
The DA/SA Posse will ride forever.

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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I think the last 6 USPSA Production National Championships have been won with DA/SA guns.

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Jones for the win.

training is all that is needed to properly fire a DA/SA pistol...

but training costs money with time and ammo (and a functioning brain)

most places "Train to the minimum", only the special team (SWAT) go out and get extra training and this is what makes them better...

In my career, me and maybe three other guys could be found at the range practicing...everyone else would shoot once, qualify and go home until next year....(we carried the P226)

The dept is currently transitioning to the P226 in 9mm because of
1. cost of ammunition (9 is cheaper than 357SIG)
2. more people qualify the first time with the anemic round....

The DA/SA is not "DONE" but it will take a sideline to the striker fired gun for the mentioned reasons in LE

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IMO, the major problem with DA/SA is that you have to divide precious practice time between the two modes. Since the first shot is the most important shot, DA practice ought to get at least half of the total time. I don't like that, which is the reason that all of my pistols are SAO.

SAO pistols also have the simplest mechanism.

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I like the P320 (have 2 of them) but if I had to choose between one of them and a DA/SA Sig (incl Sigpro) I'd take the latter. No issues at all with the DA/SA transition.
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DA/SA is all I use. Ive no use for striker fired plastic guns with their lousy triggers. And absolutely no desire to spend more money on aftermarket parts to give them everything the factory couldn't be bothered to.

I agree with those who opined that the striker fired plastic pistols rise in LE came about due to reduced training budgets and recruits with no firearms experience.........and in many cases little to no interest in firearms at all.

The only place Ive found the much bally hooed "double to single transition" to be an issue, is on the internet. Wink Regards 18DAI

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I have one striker fired pistol and 5 DA/SA pistols. The Shield is a nice slim pistol but I'm a lot better with the others.
First pistol I bought was a Ruger GP100 so it kinda stuck.
Are Glocks and the like bad? No, I like them too but like the DA/SA more. Favorite is DAK or DAO but I've let a lot go recently.

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DA/SA is the manual transmission of the gun world. It's more complicated to learn, with some benefits to doing so. But the majority of buyers just can't be bothered.

Of course, look at sales of manual vs automatic transmission cars. The sales of DA/SA vs striker guns are probably approaching the same ratio.

One little statistic I'd love to know, and there may be one or two people on this board who may know the answer. What is the ratio of current sales of SIG pistols between the classic DA/SA line and the P320?
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Originally posted by 18DAI:
The only place Ive found the much bally hooed "double to single transition" to be an issue, is on the internet. Wink Regards 18DAI

I actually typed out a long winded reply, and mentioned the exact same thing before I deleted it. The DA shot has so much myth surrounding it, and most of it is supported only on the internet.

The DA shot is no harder to learn, takes no more training time than any other trigger system, doesn't require learning a transition, and all the other stuff that its opponents try to tell you.

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