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It's a mythical creature that all newbs, myself included hunt for when first getting into handguns. The old sages rebuttal typically follows along the lines of situational dependent recommendations, a tool kit if you will. I think that we all eventually build these tool kits, though some tools are forced or even well suited to filling multiple roles.

As for myself, I have paired down to 2 basic designs in 2 basic iterations of steel and aluminum. I bought the former thinking they would make sense as "training" guns but quickly grew a fondness for the handling of these heavier pistols and so therefore taught myself to enjoy carrying them as well. Now the aluminum pistols sit in the safe waiting for the wisdom of those who have carried longer than I to catch up and make me weight conscious. I don't want this thread to be about my preferences though and instead open up to the observations of others

This is not by design an edc thread. After all a nightstand pistol may well serve in a locked glove box or out on the camping trails. Simply put, which pistol covers the most bases for you and what roles does it fill?
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The Glock 19 serves as a do all gun for me. It has been used for: concealed carry/self defense/edc, competition, armed security, and range use. It has been a good performer and actually held its own against Glock 34s and M&P longslides during competition.
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I second the Glock 19. It was my first semiauto and I have yet to find anything that suits me better. It's about as versatile as a pistol can be.
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Sig 239 in 357 Sig has both the urban and woods needs covered.

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If I'm going to hell, I'm taking the P228. What's the old SIG slogan, To Hell Back Reliability.

Anywhere else, it's the G19. Plastic can't stand the heat of hell. Big Grin


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P226 in the MK25 flavor for me.

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For me the HK P2000. I wanted a Glock 19/23......with a hammer.....and style Razz

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My frame safety 92 w/ 20rd Mec-Gars is my go-to. Cocked/locked or DA/SA....can do either.
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I have found my "Do All" handgun (after 31 years) and it's an HK P2000.

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Probably the closest thing I have to my definition of a "do all" handgun would be my Walther PPS M2. 7+1 in the gun with a spare 8-rounder gives me 16 rounds of 9mm JHP goodness. Big enough for my paws, but small and light enough for convenient concealed carry. Pretty good trigger. Pretty comfortable to shoot, so fun. Decent sights.

Only fly in the ointment is the possibility of one or both of the issues with these pistols showing up. Were it not for that, I'd about call it "my perfect handgun."

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Originally posted by cslinger:
For me the HK P2000. I wanted a Glock 19/23......with a hammer.....and style Razz

Agreed. Fits great in the hand, it's the same size as a Glock 19, it's DA/SA... love mine.
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My CZ P-10C is #1 for me through approx 4000rds, its been perfect. I am also looking forward to picking up one of the CZ P-10S 9mm (sub-compacts) when they become available. I will more than likely also get one of the single stack sub-compact 9's when they become. My Gen 4 G19 is my #2 pistol. Not as accurate as the CZ and still has BTF issues occasionally and I had to put around $300. in it to get it how I wanted it. But overall I am pretty happy with it. The Beretta APX pistol shows some promise but its size is bigger than I care for and the trigger is just so so. I dumped my P320C pistol long ago, it pointed low for me, had to high of a bore axis and to slick of grip frame texture. The VP9, dumped it also, to big in size, finger groves that did not line up with mine, to complicated design with too many parts and I didn't like the trigger guard groove. The PPQ, dumped it also, it was a high bore axis bucking bronco with excessive muzzle flip. The trigger had a too much take up and it broke to light for a street cary pistol *for me*. The 3 S&W M&P 9mm I had, the accuracy was all over the place, S&W M&P pistols ,never again. Also FYI, some current production Glock 9mm pistols still have the BTF issues, it is just the luck of the draw.

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G19 is as close as I've come with an M&P Shield 9 in close second.

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Glock 19
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G23. Add along 357SIG and 9mm conversion barrels, some mags. A Mec-Tech carbine top end for good measure. The complete kit; all set for just about anything.
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Hard not to cite the Glock 19 as the do all, be all pistol.
Personally, for me:
P225. Followed by the SP2022. And Ruger GP100.

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If it had to be one only, Glock 19. You could buy two of them, one to train extensively on, and a second to keep mint for carry/HD. You could be all done with pistols, for life doing that.

For me the 26/17 combo covers just about everything. I prefer carrying the 26 over the 19. The 17 is my favorite Glock and I prefer it over the 19 for everything but carry.

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Glock 23. It's big enough for a novice to shoot well, and small enough for most people to carry. You can also get up to four different calibers out of one gun with minimal extra expense.

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The Glock 26 is pretty close, for me. With the factory plus 2 mags it's almost a G19. It is still small enough to conceal. It is my go to carry gun even though I don't really prefer a 9mm and I shoot my 226 much better. The G26 just works.
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Steel Commander sized 1911.

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