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is circumspective
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What do y'all like. What's clean, shoots well, & is priced right?

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I've shot 300-400 rounds of S&B 180 gr FMJ over the past few months. It runs fine and isn't dirty. You can get it at Outdoor Limited for $13.95 a box.
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If you shoot 100rds a month, I would consider reloading my own. S&B is a good price point, shoot it, save the brass, reload target ammo for about 12c a round, $6/box.

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How is the S&B on ummpfff????
I have a bunch of boxes I have not had a chance to try out yet?

So far my favorite is Sig 180gr FMJ.
I have quite a bit I picked up for $21 a box it has seemed to creep up to about $25 as of late.
It hits hard unlike Federal XM10 and some others. But it is not pounding like Underwood or abuffalo Bore. Plenty enough ummpfff that you don’t think you are shooting a .40 but not so much you would not want to shoot it all day.

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