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I am familiar with the term when applied to firearms. I really do not care how my ammo looks as long as it goes bang. Is this something to be considered? I am confused as to the term itself.
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Are you referring to something specific?

If a vendor is selling “blemished” ammunition, it’s probably not unsafe to fire or unusable because the cases are bulged or dented so badly that it won’t chamber. I would expect minor dents (that I’ve never found to be any sort of problem) or discoloration due to tarnish, etc. I wouldn’t want something that was corroded green, but discoloration is fine as well.

And of course the type of ammunition makes a difference as well. If I were purchasing something for precision rifle use I’d be more finicky than if it’s intended for range blasting.

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I had to return a case of 357 sig to the manufacturer because the cases had black spots and what looked like rust. CCI paid for return shipping and sent me out a fresh case. It took over a month for the exchange but I wasn’t in much of a rush. I believe most ammunition is warrantied for a year after you purchase it.

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