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This promotion has been going on for awhile.
Anyone receive a rebate yet?
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I haven't submitted any this year, but I did several late last year including the Black Pack rebate, one for Federal Premium slugs, and one for Federal Premium Vital-Shok hunting ammo.

All submitted online, and they took between 2-3 months from submission to having the gift card (they don't send checks anymore) in my mailbox.

Knock on wood, aside from being slow, I haven't had any of the issues that I frequently see people complain about online. The reps that I talked to using the phone number on the rebate site were actually very helpful in answering questions when I called to make sure I was doing everything correctly.

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I sent my Rebate for the Black pack back in late November 2018 and I have still yet to receive it . I have gotten an email that it was approved
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I got one rebate submitted in Dec last yr and just got an email for another telling me it would be 2-3 wks.

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