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List your favorite home state recipe/food staple, none of those stupid maps where people vote, just real local folks ideas on whats good.

Originally from the Bluegrass State, lots of good eats there, and I know we have several KY brethren here on the board, so I'll leave out some of the others for those folk to post.

For me the childhood memory is a Fried Bologna Sandwich, simple, tasty, hearty, satisfying.

Anyone with KY background knows it starts with Kerns White Bread, real beef bologna, if desired an onion, and real Mayo. You know to add Grippos, Hussmans or Charles chips, a dill pickle spear and a ice cold small bottle of soda or sweet tea...

Fried Baloney Sandwich Recipe: Ingredients:

* 2 Slices Baloney, Thick cut, each slice lightly scored at the noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9 pm positions {prevents cupping of the meat}

* 2 Slices Bread, White * Onion, Sweet, Thinly sliced

* Mayonnaise, enough for spreading


* Heat cast iron pan til good and hot

* Place baloney in un-oiled pan

* Cook til nicely browned

* Spread a skift of mayonnaise on each slice of white bread

* Add thinly sliced sweet onion, some folks like it on the top, some like it on the bottom. Me I’m a top but if you’re a bottom that’s alright too.

* Add fried baloney

* Compact everything into the classic sandwich format

* Voila! Now you’re ready to eat one the fried baloney sandwich.

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Tinker Sailor Soldier Pie
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Pork roll, egg, and cheese. (New Jersey)


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What he said: /\
New Jersey had a Great breakfast sandwich- Fried Taylor ham, fried egg, American cheese on a fresh Kaiser roll.

They were delicious and sold every where.


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Smoked salmon and Dungeness crabs.

Oh, and tartar sauce is the appropriate condiment for French fries. When I moved here, I went to Bob's Burgers and Brew in Lynden. The fries came with a bowl of tartar sauce. I shrugged my shoulders and tried it. It's pretty good.
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My adopted home state (Texas). Before moving here in the 90s, I thought BBQ was cooking at medium to high temps on a gas grill and smothering meat with BBQ sauce.

Brisket is my favorite Texas food. It's a huge hunk of meat so 99% of the time I get it at restaurants instead of cooking myself for 8 to 14 hours. James Beard Foundation Award winner, Aaron Franklin, from Austin, Texas, has a great video on smoking brisket:

Link to original video:

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In western NY it's gotta be beef on weck. (Popularity of chicken wings originated there also)


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Cherry pie from Traverse City and fresh caught salmon out of the Great Lakes

I put the salmon in a pan with a little salt and lemon slices, skin down. Give it about 3 min or less and eat. Same thing with a grill except I lay down some tin foil under the fish.

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From the Philly region of Pennsylvania:

Roast pork/sharp provolone/broccoli rabe sandwiches:



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Not really from Vienna
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Brisket is pretty dang good if done by a skilled person.

I’ll also add good homemade tamales with chili con carne.

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Being from New Jersey it would be
1 Pizza
2 Subs
3 Pork roll egg and cheese
4 Good Chinese food
5 Buttered Knipps hard roll
6 Jersey tomatoes
7 Bagels
8 Good Kosher deli
9 Fresh sea food right off the boat
10 Did I mention Pizza
11 Mom and Pop sub shops for the subs.
12 And of course Moms home cooking

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Partial dichotomy
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So many, but first to mind was either fried clams or clam chowder. Massachusetts

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Pasties and Cudighi Sausage!

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Born in Brooklyn NY.

I really miss the fresh-baked bagels from the little mom & pop bagel shops.

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Scrapple all day.

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From where I grew up, CA

Mission-Style Carne Asada burrito
Double Cheeseburger from Tommys
really good sourdough bread

In my real home, Texas

Queso dip and good tortilla chips
Buttermilk pie
Frito Pie with good Texas chili

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I can't think of
anything though
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I live in Denver. Not sure what my Fav is, but an say for sure it's not Rocky Mountain Oysters nor Denver Omelette.

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From my Home state of KY (Louisville): the Hot Brown. An open-faced sandwich of turkey and bacon, covered in Mornay sauce and baked or broiled until the bread is crisp and the sauce begins to brown.

From my adopted state of NC. Eastern Carolina BBQ. A big pile of pulled pork BBQ, a bottle full of vinegar based sauce, a side of slaw, and basket full of hush puppies with some Texas Pete (made in NC) hot sauce. Yum.

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Originally posted by RogB:
In western NY it's gotta be beef on weck. (Popularity of chicken wings originated there also)

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Oklahoma Frito Chili Pie.

(Not actually a pie)

Chili, Fritos, onion, shredded cheese, dollop of sour cream.

Optional: jalapeños, Hatch Chilies, hot sauce.

The chili should already have chopped bacon in it.

OH, and the Oklahoma Onion Burger, from the Great Depression years.

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From KY-

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