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Well some may remember my start with the Lung Cancer fight ten years ago. I have been cancer free for 10 years. A recent trip to the ER and hospital admission with coughing up blood got me a CT Scan. I have been on blood thinners since last August when I had a mild heart attack and a stent placed and at that time a CT showed nothing.

I have had two last year and one this year. Yag laser ablation of scar tissue in my lungs and trachea area from past radiation treatments to clean up my pipes. Well recent trip and stay at the hospital with a CT Scan and Bronchoscopy with biopsy show that the lung cancer has returned.

I am older but in slightly better shape. Ten years ago I was just getting over Pneumonia and was on O2 for six weeks when I started my concurrent chemo and radiation treatments.

I hope it has not spread and caught early. Have a PET Scan Wednesday the 13th then an phone visit with my Oncologist on the 18th.

If God is willing I am ready to fight this again.


Update 1: So the Oncologist also ordered a MRI of the brain. He said if lung cancer spreads it usually goes to the brain. Well MRI was good.

The results have come back from the pathology lab. They were looking for certain genetic markers that would have allowed treatment with targeted pill therapy. Well no luck there.

So the treatment plan is Immunotherapy Treatment with some new drugs that just got approved. They are administered by infusion. The two drugs are Opdivo every two week for about two years. The other drug is Vervoy every 6 weeks for 6 months. Both have some really bad side effects.

The good news is when I met with the Oncology Nurse to discuss treatment plan, cost, and side effects. One of the side effects is hard to breath. Heck I already have that. My Pulmonologist has started me on a Prednisone steroid with a weekly taper. She said this treatment will be much easier on me then the last one which was concurrent Radiation and Chemo. She said this treatment shows much slower results. I just hope the Tumor stops growing. It is already hard for me to breathe at times. After listening to all of her presentation. I asked the big question. What is my prognosis? She said Good. Well that helped.

I have started one infusion treatment already. The scary thing at the first infusion of the two drugs on the pole were 4 bags. One was Sodium Chloride, the two drugs, and a forth bag. I asked the Infusion RN what was the fourth bag for. She said it was for an emergency dilution flush in case a bad side effect was to appear. Apparently the side effects appear rapidly. The Infusion RN also called me Friday last week, two days after infusion, to check on me.

So if the Good Lord is willing I am on road two and will fighting this Lung Cancer.

Thanks or all the prayers and well wishes.
God Bless

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Good Luck ontmark. I’ll add you to my nightly list. Be positive.
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Prayers for you.

Cancer sucks.

My prostate cancer is coming back slowly, after radiation failure.

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Good luck ontmark! I have some loved ones dealing with the same, no part of it is fun.


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Best wishes. I remember you reached out to me when drs thought I had lung cancer.

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Kick its ass again.
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Once things clear up a bit on this Covid-19, maybe a few of us can get together in an appropriate setting and share a meal. I'm about an hour away from you.

My contact email is in my profile. Let me know what you think.
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Hang in there. My thoughts are with you.

Also a survivor and dreading future diagnoses.
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Dammit Roy, I’m sorry. You beat it last time, you’ll beat it again! Prayers sent
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Prayers for healing, strength and encouragement for you and your family
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Best wishes and prayers for your recovery. So many people I know have been affected by this ugly disease.

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Best wishes to you. You beat it once, you can do it again. Stay strong.
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Prayers Offered up on your behalf.
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Best wishes to you and praying for you. Sounds like it was caught fairly early so you got that going for you.

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Originally posted by berto:
Kick its ass again.

And take names!
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Best wishes and prayers, friend.
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You will fight and beat this again sir.
Prayers sent your way.

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Best wishes to you, stay strong.

Tomorrow's battle is won during today's practice.
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I wish you well.


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Prayers up for you in this second beat it once so hang in there... you can beat it again!


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