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Knowing is Half the Battle
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Great news! Godspeed in your recovery!
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Glad you are on the mend and feeling better.

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Serenity now!
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Wow... Glad you are ok. What a wake up call...


9/11/01 Never Forget

"In valor there is hope" - Tacitus
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Shoot gun,
get check
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I am happy to hear that the outcome of this is you feeling better than you have in a long time. I hope you continue to improve in the way you feel, and I am glad you're still with us. Smile

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Funny Man
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Holy smokes, that's a bullet dodged. Glad they got you fixed up.

“I'd like to know why well-educated idiots keep apologizing for lazy and complaining people who think the world owes them a living.”
― John Wayne
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Eye on the
Silver Lining
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I saw the brief post to sjtill and quietly worried. I’m so glad that everything has worked out for you and grateful that you listened to the advice you were given.
To your health.


"Trust, but verify."
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2020 has been like a swift kick to the jimmies for almost everybody but seems to have taken a more direct aim right at you Para. Your job and now your heart, sure hope that the rest of the years turns in your favor. So glad that you pulled through and are on the mend.

Like many others I don't post too often but I do come here daily to see whats going on in the world and learn from some very experienced and exceptional people on this forum. Thank you so much for providing it.

Wishing you a complete, speedy recovery and a great, long future for you and your wife.

Nice save Doc Sjtill!
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Very glad you are feeling so much better and took care of business. Good on you for realizing you needed to talk to someone, and good on stjill and your wife for being there to answer.

You are not the only one of us to want to ignore the obvious. But alas, time and inevitability puts us all face to face with cold reality. How you handle that moment defines the rest. Take care of youself Para, your family and friends need you to stick around a while longer.

It's all about clean living. Just do the right thing, and karma will help with the rest.
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I'm Different!
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So glad that you got the treatment & care you needed. Also thanks to sjtill.

“Agnostic, gun owning, conservative, college educated hillbilly”
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Thank you, Mike, for sticking around.

Thank you for listening to sjtill and for heeding his words.

Thank you, sjtill, for succeeding with what you did.


Dogs are gifts from God, full of love. Save a life, adopt!

…and God made dogs, and it was very good, and God said: “I’m gonna have to have all of these back.” Genesis 1, gospel according to Mr. Monkey ✡

NRA Benefactor Frown (Go away, Wayne!!! )

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So glad you heeded the good advice of our resident cardiologist. Best of luck to you from here forward.
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Happily Retired
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I just saw this. So glad things have turned around for the better. Stay strong.

.....never marry a woman who is mean to your waitress.
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Go Vols!
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Great to hear you got help in time and Dr got you motivated to seek it.
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Middle children
of history
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Wow, thank you for sharing your story Para. Very grateful you were able to be treated in time, this place wouldn’t be the same without you. I hope your recovery goes well.

This message has been edited. Last edited by: Brett B,

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Where there's smoke,
there's fire!!
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Damn, Para. Glad to hear you got things taken care of before it was too late. Hope you live a long happy life. Cheers.
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Glad you took care of it in time, Para. Stay safe.

Carpe Scrotum
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Apart from the lesson, it only takes one or two close misses to make everything clearer and sweeter. My wife has saved me on occasion, as well.

Rest up, follow the Dr's directions, and be well!

Pragmatism: the relentless pursuit of seeing things as they really are.
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Rumors of my death
are greatly exaggerated
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Glad you got into the doc in time. I hope you are with us for many more years. Heal quickly, I'm guessing your in for a diet change too...

"Someday I hope to be half the man my bird-dog thinks I am."

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Look what you have created, Para.....a place where people care about and help others in their personal time of need. Most of us have never met another person on your forum, but we trust them with our individual problems and secrets.


Keep up the good fight, Para and thanks, Doc Goodheart.

I'm sorry if I hurt you feelings when I called you stupid - I thought you already knew - Unknown
When you have no future, you live in the past. " Sycamore Row" by John Grisham
Liberalism is a failure to find pathways to intelligence in your brain. - David Lawrence
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Glad to hear you are on the mend. Many thanks to Doc Goodheart, and thanks to you too for seeking and heeding (somewhat) his advice.

May your recovery be be speedy, smooth, and full!
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