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The Predictable Insanity Surrounding the Florida Shooting Login/Join 
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It was a tragic event, as all such events are. But the reaction is hysteria and hypocrisy. As a cop in a suburb of a fairly large city in Ohio, what caused the most needless and senseless death, including the deaths of young people.?
The automobile.
Depending on whose stats you use, around 40K will die on our highways every year. And many more thousands are seriously injured, maimed or crippled.
Every year, year in and year out.
And we put our woefully unprepared teenagers behind the wheel as soon as they are legally able to drive. And don't get me started on drunk / drugged/ distracted driving.
So... If we as a society are truly concerned with saving innocent lives and increasing public safety, we just need to ban the automobile.
I wonder when the media will call for that?

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There is this elephant in the room of which no one will speak.

There will be no forward movement to end school shootings, nor will there be any attempt to have gun control beyond what is already in existence.


Follow the money.

Neither the pro- nor anti-gun control folks want to end the killings as it helps to keep their political base stirred up, and that means BIG DOLLAR donations for their respective causes in order to keep up attack the other side. The Brady Bunch vs the NRA, each side is already beating their respective drums for attention in the circus tent.

The same thing holds true for the Public School systems, as private schools don’t have this problem with shooters. Why do you think the Public School system folks are so against private/charter schools; they’d lose control of the arguments and as such the money behind the education racket.

Oh, and the same thing also can be said about the on-going “Immigration debate”.

It’s called “acceptable losses”.

Welcome to the 21st Century edition of the American version of Machiavellianism, based on organizational settings consisting of three factors:

maintaining power
harsh management tactics
manipulative behaviors

I know, this sounds highly cynical, but I’ve seen the way politics work too much to think otherwise.

The American political system is the worst there is, except for all the others out there.

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it." — Mark Twain

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The disgusting new twist in this shooting is that the libs are now exploiting the students and bringing them into the cause. CNN is showing students demanding gun control using talking points coincidentally tweeted out by ..wait for it...CNN.

They don't have new ideas or any particular legislation that would effectively prevent these kinds of shootings. They just want to "do something."

Maybe it happened before, but I don't remember the Dems exploiting kids for political purposes in previous school shootings. I find it extremely distasteful.
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In contrast to the Floida School shooter, while the police were tracking him down my daughter and 22 other High School students were practicing shooting.

They were practicing Wednesday afternoon for their first competition with another High School which was held Saturday.

They compete in archery, rifle, shotgun, orienteering, and a written hunting/firearm knowledge quiz.

Sadly, we seldom hear about this type of high school shooting.
For a photo showing a great group of High School students using firearms appropriately, here is a Link.

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"Do something" = ultimately ban all private gun ownership. It's that simple with the commies. They will chip away at the Second Amendment, by any means necessary, until its last letter falls off the Bill of Rights. That's when the USA is no longer. The gun owners will have only 2 choices, lay down theirs guns and submit to tyranny, or die for liberty.
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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
It was a tragic event, as all such events are. ...
I wonder when the media will call for that?


There is much mental disconnection form logic and reality, and given to hysteria and emotionalism.

Consider the number of vehicle deaths, and the horrendous injury and damage, and compare that to a single aircraft crash that results in less that a few percent of the vehicle deaths, and people lose their minds and demand all manner of "do something".

It is a mental problem looking for a solution to all the wrong things.

Unfortunately, hand wringers are voters, and purchasers of stuff, and that gives them voice to the worst people in positions to "do something".

Meanwhile, the sane and hard working, live and let live, coherent people, get up, go to work and spend the majority of their time thiniking about doing sane and reasonable things.

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What I've noticed is that with each event the Left stirs up more and more emotion among people who are not thinkers. Each event appears to create more emotive people than the previous event. What makes this dangerous to liberty is that with enough emotion ANYTHING seems reasonable. With each event the Left is free to change the culture with soothing mendacious arguments that lure non-thinkers and the ignorant away from liberty. What's worse is that the public is willing to surrender others' liberty for personal benefit. All of this amounts to the eventual conflict between those who've drawn a line in the sand and those who would seize their liberty. I doubt any of this comes to a head in the next few years, but it's a trend to watch and prepare against.

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It just pisses me off that in this society where nobody takes responsibility for anything everyone blames the tool instead of blaming the murderer.
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Originally posted by ChicagoSigMan:
The disgusting new twist in this shooting is that the libs are now exploiting the students and bringing them into the cause. CNN is showing students demanding gun control using talking points coincidentally tweeted out by ..wait for it...CNN. is reporting how the kids are being coached by ex-FBI and CBS reporters. There's some big-time twitter-scrubbing going on now to remove party pics from over the weekend and control the narrative that these kids are speaking on their own.

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I played golf today with three people I'd never played with before. They were all great people, and when they found out that I'm an LEO they wanted to talk about my opinions on "assault weapons" and gun control.

Many Forum members remember when I dissected FBI/NCIC crime statistics after a previous mass shooting and showed the actual percentages of gun homicides vs. the number of gun owners and firearms in existence. I discussed this information with my playing partners.

They still said that we needed to do what Australia did, and kept asking, "Why do people NEED rifles like this?" I answered with some observations about "want vs. need" as it relates to the cars people drive and how fast they should be able to go.

The discussion continued throughout our round. I went point by point and told them that I accepted the fact that everybody feels pretty helpless after something like this. But I talked about us being citizens with rights as opposed to subjects with privileges, and how rights go away if certain people manage to get put completely in charge.

At one point, they really challenged my assertion that these things would continue to happen even if civilians were stripped completely of their guns. One of them said, "No, they wouldn't. They'd have to find another way to kill people and it'd be a lot harder."

I replied, "Ask the people whose family members got run over by the guy in the rented panel truck in Paris. All it took him was a driver's license and a credit card."

I kept it civil, and so did they. After putting out on 18, we all shook hands and said that we'd had a constructive discussion even though we disagreed. We also agreed that it would be fun to play again.

I'd take 100 rounds of golf with those guys against watching an hour of CNN hand-wringing and name-calling.
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Originally posted by parabellum:
Yes, you're one of seven-odd billion people on the planet. You want to be noticed? Just kill a bunch of people, then CNN will make sure that airport patrons in Bangladesh know your name and recognize your face.

Andy Warhol was not too far off the mark.

The finest post on the interwebs found right here.

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What seems different about this incident is that the media is directly coordinating with the victims to create a narrative. It won’t work of course. But it’s really disconcerting.

Regardless. Thanks Para.
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Yes, cynical bandwagon against Trump, guns, etc. is being walked repeatedly over the graves of 17 kids and teachers. It is sickening. This one is close - the school is only a few miles away, a good family friend was a first responder (Sheriff) getting kids out in the first few minutes and can’t forget what he saw. We know 1 of the guardians of the shooter and many around this.

As Para said, this sick cynical culture double damned those victims - first by pretending to be safe with those damn school “gun free” zones that no one really expects to work - but boy do they look great from the other side of a $1000 democratic fundraiser while the FBI chases politics like a new NKVD and lets not even touch on mental health care. Second, by bypassing grieving, respect and celebration of life for the victims and glorifying that monster while pushing an agenda no one believes will work. Can I get a harrumph?

We are sick and disgusted - and I damn well want my children guarded by armed guards & teachers.

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Originally posted by BRL:

There are about a bazillion tweets/posts/pics out there. Let's not shove them in here too along with the rational discussion.

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Originally posted by snoris:
They still said that we needed to do what Australia did, and kept asking, "Why do people NEED rifles like this?"

Next time ask them why Rosa Parks NEEDED to sit in the front of the bus.

I'm truly sick of this shit as well. Primarily because nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever address the root cause of it. As we all know, it has nothing to do with guns, and truthfully not much to do with mental illness either. These shootings are a symptom...a symptom of an amoral dying culture. Decades of normalizing every deviant sick behavior in TV, movies, video games, social media, and elsewhere has done it, and THAT is the real problem.

I don't know how you solve that problem and turn the ship around, but until it starts turning around, I agree that this will happen again, and again.

I find it sickening that the left is manipulating these kids to work for their cause. I also find it sickening that they whine, scream, and cry about 17 innocent kids who were murdered, yet say nothing about the 700,000 innocent children slaughtered every year in abortion clinics. Their hypocrisy is truly astounding.


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The left, as Para says, are wholly predictable when it comes to shootings and gun control. They're locked and loaded with the same arsenal for the next inevitable event. It's what they do, it's their game plan, and part of the long term war that they are planning on winning on all the leftist fronts.

This video does a pretty good job of explaining the current, bigger picture. Greenfield wrote an article a few weeks back that essentially discussed the same scenario but with less embellishment (JALLEN posted it if I remember correctly).
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The media, the politicians, the celebrities, are all focusing on intervention in the final stages before somebody goes berserk.

By then, it's too late.

If somebody gets to the point of being fully ready to kill as many people as they possibly can, removing a type of weapon as an option, hardening a target, etc., is only going to possibly lower the body count a bit, or change the target.

My only hope, dim as it can be, is that somehow, by some miracle, we as a society will take a hard look at how we are raising our children, our young men. There should NOT be this many men, our sons, our brothers, our neighbors, desperate to destroy our world. As long we allow those kinds of minds to develop and fester, the carnage will continue almost non stop.
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They can't ban them, but they are making firearms into a greater social taboo.

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The frustrating thing for me with this one is there was apparently over a dozen opportunities to have intervened or stopped this guy. Nothing was done.

The unfortunate reality is our society believes that the rights of the potential shooters, or those who are sick, mentally ill, deranged, etc., are more important to protect than the constitutionally protected rights of millions of innocent citizens.

A buddy of mine who is now retired LEO told me years ago that our criminal justice system does not exist to to protect citizens from criminals, it protects criminals from the police.

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