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Discussion Topic  Review of Speer 223 Remington 75 grain Gold Dot soft point ammunition. (in Ammunition) by sigfreund
I have long been a fan of Speer’s 62 or 64 grain 223 Remington Gold Dot ammunition for duty and othe...... > Main Page > Ammunition

Discussion Topic  Walmart find today, cheap .22LR (in Billy Bob's BangBang Boutique) by shovelhead
Federal Champion 40gr. 1240fps, 50 rounds for $3.54. Beats the Norma stuff at the local Rural King a...... > Main Page > Billy Bob's BangBang Boutique

Discussion Topic  Starting from scratch, new cartridge, powder, bullet, rifle. (in Reloading) by reflex/deflex 64
Trying out Staball 6.5 in a 7mm/08 under a 120g NBT. The rifle is a Ruger Hawkeye Compact (16” barre...... > Main Page > Reloading

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