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Now in Florida
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I hadn't felt the urge to do any chocolate work in a while, but I saw something like this by a Beverly Hills chocolatier and thought it would be fun to replicate.

It's a dark chocolate hazelnut gianduja and a white chocolate hazelnut gianduja topped with a 36% milk chocolate and a 24k gold leaf decor. They are simple but tasty and, I think, rather eye-catching.

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Wowzer! You do any mail order?

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Very nice work there!

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That is a really nice,classy treat. Great job
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Spread the Disease
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I'll pay for shipping.


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Little ray
of sunshine
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Oh stewardess,
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Gorgeous. Sounds delicious.
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Soooooo uh where in Florida are you exactly? I am ummmm asking for a friend.

Yes, Para does appreciate humor.
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Those look great

That's just for fun? That's not something you do professionally?
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Generous Karma! I'm in!
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