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Tupperware Dr.
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The last few days it's been my old 39-2 Smith.
In a Don Hume holster for a glock.
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Membership has its privileges
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That is old school awesome!!!!!

Niech Zyje P-220

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Three on, one off
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I bought a 43X recently and love it! I also
Have a 365 and it is a close call which one I prefer for carry.

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Originally posted by PHPaul:

One or the other of these in OWB DeSantis belt slides. S&W 60 in the Summer, 66 in colder weather or when I feel the need for more firepower.

Both gorgeous...

I am debating going old-school and carrying revolvers once I retire. I have a S&W 642, a 640-1 (from 1995) and a K comp. The 642 has the Apex duty trigger in it and it's so much better than stock. I'm planning on doing the same for the 640...

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The cake is a lie!
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I've pretty much settled on these two over the last couple years. I don't see myself changing to anything else anytime soon.
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Laugh or Die
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Nismo, no spare mag, just a spare gun? Big Grin

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Gone but Together Again.
Dad & Uncle
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Yesterday’s Rig:

Ed Brown in .45
R Grizzle holster
Cross Breed pocket spare mag carrier
Spyderco Para3

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