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Tupperware Dr.
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The last few days it's been my old 39-2 Smith.
In a Don Hume holster for a glock.
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Membership has its privileges
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That is old school awesome!!!!!

Niech Zyje P-220

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Three on, one off
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I bought a 43X recently and love it! I also
Have a 365 and it is a close call which one I prefer for carry.

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Originally posted by PHPaul:

One or the other of these in OWB DeSantis belt slides. S&W 60 in the Summer, 66 in colder weather or when I feel the need for more firepower.

Both gorgeous...

I am debating going old-school and carrying revolvers once I retire. I have a S&W 642, a 640-1 (from 1995) and a K comp. The 642 has the Apex duty trigger in it and it's so much better than stock. I'm planning on doing the same for the 640...

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The cake is a lie!
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I've pretty much settled on these two over the last couple years. I don't see myself changing to anything else anytime soon.
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Laugh or Die
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Nismo, no spare mag, just a spare gun? Big Grin

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Gone but Together Again.
Dad & Uncle
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Yesterday’s Rig:

Ed Brown in .45
R Grizzle holster
Cross Breed pocket spare mag carrier
Spyderco Para3

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Busier than a cat covering
crap on a marble floor
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Glock G43X MOS - Shield RMSc
DeSantis SLIM-TUK holster
Boker Police Model Auto (German)
Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 light

The trouble with trouble is; it always starts out as fun.
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Mine for the last 15 years.
Being replace by a PPS as soon as a holster comes in.

He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.
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always with a hat or sunscreen
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My choices:
--9mmP FM M90 Detective (1992) 13/14/15+1
--45ACP DW CCO (2010) 7+1
--380ACP Sig P238 (2010) 6/7+1

Holster choices:
FM & DW -
Andrews Leather McDaniel II IWB
Simply Rugged Cuda OWB
Sig -
Blackhawk leather clip IWB
RKBA pocket leather

Certifiable member of the gun toting, septuagenarian, bucket list workin', crazed retiree, bald is beautiful club!
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Been away from Sig Forum for awhile, recently purchased a 365XL that will work its way into being carried at some point once I receive a holster for it. Since retiring 6 years ago I have pretty much carried a Wilson Combat ULCC daily in a Sparks Criterion.

For Every Action, There is a Reaction....
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semi-reformed sailor
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Put the G43x in the safe and I’ve been carrying this Ruger 1911 Commander for a while now.

"Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor.” Robert A. Heinlein

“You may beat me, but you will never win.” sigmonkey-2020

“A single round of buckshot to the torso almost always results in an immediate change of behavior.” Chris Baker
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I've been carrying this Glock 48 for the last year and a half. I use two Shield Arms 15 round magazines with it. I know there are reports of problems with some of them but I've got over 500 rounds with them without any failures.

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Today's carry pistols g34 with tlr1 and a p938

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Prepared for the Worst, Providing the Best
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This little fella has been seeing a lot of carry time lately. It's my BUG at work, and since I keep it handy with my duty gun it seems to always be the one that gets thrown into the HPG kit bag for my morning run. When I get home, it's already out and easy to just slip into the holster (which I bought for my 3" Model 60, but it fits the 640 just fine, too).

It dissapears into the waistband and I don't even feel it on the belt. .357 packs a punch, too...I had to put a deer down with it the other night, and it quickly ended things with one round. The night sights are a plus, and it has a better DA trigger than my Model's a great gun for when you don't feel like carrying a gun, but still very capable if you find need to use it.

The Streamlight Macrostream is a new addition. I lost my old Microstream a few weeks back when we were re-roofing the house, and I bought it as a replacement (kinda hoped the microstream would show up after I ordered the new one, but it didn't happen). I didn't realize from the pictures that it was physically larger than the Microstream, but in daily carry I haven't found that to be a problem. It's no more noticeable in my pocket than the Microstream was, but is still significantly smaller than my tactical handhelds and puts out almost as much light. It's turning out to be a happy accident.
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What is the
soup du jour?

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Nothing fancy. Gen 4 19 w/spare mag for untucked carry. If I am tucking in my shirt, an LCP Max goes in the pocket.
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Same 66-1 I carried in 1980 and I can still hit a gnat's ass at 10yds. Smile

BUG's a little newer by about 30 years.

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My preferred carry gun is a P239 in a leather IWB holster, also have a P320 both are 9mm.
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Still finding my way
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Lately my go to has been my G45 with one spare mag. I added Ameriglo Spartan sights and 124 grain HST's and she's good to go.

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