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Just returned from my annual spring turkey hunt in California (in Central Coast area). I got a nice tom on the first morning and my buddy got his on the last afternoon of a two day hunt. Although we didn't come away skunked, we didn't get our two bird limit either. They either were too spooky or the hens were just too insistent that the gobblers stay with them. I guess that's why it's called "hunting" and not "shooting", but we still enjoyed the experience. Beautiful green hillsides, covered with purple blooming lupine, lots of calling birds and perfect weather.

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Nice Tom!

Thank you for sharing.

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Nice one!
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Congrats on your fun and successful hunt. I haven't, and probably won't make it out this year. But I sure do love a spring Turkey hunt. Love to hear those gobbles!

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That’s a great looking Tom, certainly a great day in the field!
I used to love Spring Turkey, gotta plan to get back to it next season.
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